Your vibrator journey is about to come to an end, thanks to Deia vibrators 

Looking for the perfect sex toy can be overwhelming. With so much to choose from—clitoral stimulators, vibrators, couples toys, dildos, and more—it can be overwhelming. It’s no wonder most just end up turning to the toy with the most reviews instead of choosing the toy that’s meant for them. Especially if that means missing out on something special like Deia vibrators.

No matter what kind of experience you’re seeking, Deia has you covered. Deia has got six new toys on the market built to target all of your different desires. From foreplay to couples play, vibrations to deep massages, Deia’s got it all. Are you ready? 

What’s so great about the Deia brand? 

It’s not often that we shed a spotlight on a brand as new as Deia, but when the products are so good, you deserve to hear about ‘em. Deia offers sleek, modern takes on what you’re used to seeing in the vibrator market—all made with high-quality materials. 

We love that perks like waterproof technology and cordless charging are basic features for the Deia products—not add-ons or bonuses. Our favorite feature about the brand? All of the toys have been designed with both individuals and couples in mind. No more awkward positioning or switching midway. Your solo time (and partner time) is finally getting the upgrade it deserves. 

What’s the breakdown of the Deia vibrator product line? 

1) The Arouser 

The Arouser by deia

The Arouser has been built for foreplay, but can certainly take you beyond. It’s the closest to a clitoral sucker in the Deia line delivering a unique external clitoral stimulation mimicking the tapping of human touch. It’s got two flaps and side indentations that do a great job of almost hugging your vagina. 

Its body-safe silicone is ultra-smooth, and there are ten vibrating patterns to choose from. Plus, it’s 100% waterproof, so clean-up is easy as can be. 

I loved the strong, high-speed vibrations packed in this tiny device. Using it with a partner was easy thanks to the curved shape that fit perfectly in my palm, and charging was quick and painless. My one note would be that the motor isn’t the quietest, so if you’re in a full house you’ll have to try a little harder to be discreet, 

Price: $109

2) The Wearable 

The wearable

It’s the ultimate hands-free partner pleasure device worn by her during sex and controlled by her partner. The pronged side sits on the outside of the vagina and hugs the clitoris, while the smooth arm nestles just inside. It’s got not two, but three independent motors that deliver an array of 10 delicious vibrations. Plus, it’s super compact, so traveling with it is a breeze. And trust us, you won’t ever want to go without it!

The Wearable is one of my favorites in the group. I absolutely loved the partner play involved by having my SO take over the remote. It also fits comfortably and was my favorite for in-shower use. 

Price: $169

3) The Feather 

Deia vibrators - The Feather

You’ve never been teased if you haven’t experienced The Feather. It’s sleek and powerful and has a flexible tip that vibrates. You can use it on all your erogenous zones and is perfectly designed for partner play. Deia vibrators are all about nuance.

I highly suggest using this with your partner to get in the mood. Playing with different sensations beforehand like oils and lotions will prep you for the unique vibrations the feather can deliver. Drag it along each other’s bodies and focus on your pleasure centers before you move on. 

Price: $99

4) The Wand 

Deia vibrators - The Wand

The Deia Wand was designed for various uses, from reaching your deeper sexual pleasures to receiving (or giving) the perfect full-body massage. Whether used alone or with a partner, the wand can take you on an erotic exploration.

This is a great nod to the OG vibrator designs we’ve all come to know and love. The wand isn’t as daunting as the brand’s other offerings but works just as well. The ridged head added an extra layer during foreplay and its powerful vibrations felt great on tense areas. My only wish would be a less girthy head that felt a little less intimidating for internal play. 

Price: $109

5) The Couple 

The Couple

A two-in-one sexual wellness device with independent motors for external and internal play. You can use either part of The Couple to tease your partner and get them in the mood by caressing their erogenous zones. The g-spot stimulator can be pressed to their point of pleasure while the bullet trails behind the ears, up the back, and down the neck of the partner. And if you’re feeling in the mood, either can be used for anal play. 

This was a great option for my partner and me, as we were both fully invested in pleasuring the other. I loved the sizes of both of the devices—I found the g-spot head curved just right, the thickness was welcome, and the bullet was a great size for anal beginners. 

Price: $169

6) The Hot & Cold

Deia hot and cold

The Deia Hot & Cold massager is a temperature-changing, vibrating massager that creates unique sensations for both external and internal stimulation. Tailor the experience to you or your partner by mixing and matching the hot and cold temperatures with the variety of vibration settings that this device has to offer. 

This one was truly a first for me to experience. I loved experimenting with the hot and cold temperatures. The cold was especially potent around the breast area and an alternation between hot and cold felt the best around the clit area. Handing it off to my partner was also fun—feeling the sudden shift in temp as they trail the device to each erogenous zone really was the cherry on top. 

Price: $159