Desire discipline? Join Dreams of Spanking

Do your eyes glaze over with lust when you think about giving (or getting!) a good spanking? Pandora Blake’s Dreams of Spanking is the slap-happy porn site that you’ve been searching for.

Since the adult industry has been overrun and dominated by large studios, upscale scripts, Hollywood-esque directors, hundreds of camera angles, and expensive sets have become the norm. This new-age approach to porn has left independent creators and their niche content in the dust…or so you thought.

What is Dreams of Spanking?

Brought to you by self-proclaimed trouble maker Pandora Blake, Dreams of Spanking is their space to share all of the corporal punishment storytelling their imagination births. And for the discerning enthusiast, all of the content featured is ethically produced, authentic, sex-positive, queer-inclusive, gender-egalitarian, and of course, HOT!

As a nude modeling student, Blake came to a spanking performance with their debut film in 2006. They began writing and producing their own scenes and launched the Dreams of Spanking site in 2011. Dreams of Spanking represent their deepest, darkest spanking fantasies and kinky relationships. It also allows them to operate a safe and ethical space in porn.

Jayda Blaze organizes her floggers in a Dreams of Spanking video


One of the features that I like most about Blake’s site is the healthy membership options. Indie porn sites normally don’t have many options to choose from, but Blake has clearly made sure that every budget has the wiggle room for Dreams of Spanking.

Creating a membership is as easy as one, two, three…(steps, that is). First, you’re prompted to create a free account. After you receive the activation link, you’ll be able to choose your membership. There are five membership options to choose from, some are reoccurring and others are not. And no, you don’t need a subscription to enjoy the content. There are some free (but limited) previews available. Users also have the option to purchase the individual scenes of their choice.

Membership benefits

Unlimited access to hundreds of high-quality corporal punishment and discipline porn videos

While Dreams of Spanking is one of the smaller porn studios, its library is impressive. Since the site has been around for quite some time, collecting niche content has been easy. As of writing this, the site has over 300 full-length features and shorter video scenes for members to choose from. And let’s just say that some of these videos aren’t for the squeamish. Hours of flogging and spanking can really take a toll on someone and Blake isn’t afraid to show it. Turns out, pain really is a pleasure for some!

Pandora Blake grabs a black sneaker off of a dresser.

Ultimate transparency

The absolute best thing about Dreams of Spanking is the complete transparency it offers. Blake openly states that it is a homemade, handcrafted website and that they are not jacks of all trades. Having to learn all the technicalities around web design and media development is a big ask. But they’ve done it! From editing to web design, Blake does it all.

Another area in which transparency plays a big role is in the ethics of the site. Blake’s response to handling the ethical creation of porn couldn’t be better. They say “I aim to answer the question ‘How can I tell if this is truly consensual?’ by emphasizing consent, community, context and narrative sympathy in all the scenes I produce. Can kinky porn featuring edgy, severe spanking ever be feminist? I believe the answer is a resounding ‘YES!’”

New content is always on the horizon

If you’re worried about the site lacking in updates, have no fear. Dreams of Spanking promises two new releases per month! Even better, the site promises at least one new original spanking porn film, and at least one other media upload (this could be a video, or a story in audio form, or a collection of photosets). Blake was even filming during the pandemic–with masks, of course! With this site, the content never stops.

Kelley May spanks Richard McLean in a Dreams of Spanking video

There’s a blog!

It’s always great when a creative goes above and beyond on their quest to entertain. Blake does just that by offering Dreams of Spanking subscribers an insider look through a fun blog. Here users can find extra content, info on performers, new videos, and so much more. This isn’t your usual one-trick pony site–Dreams of Spanking serves all the extras!

Membership struggles

The site’s overall design

If there’s one thing that I don’t necessarily love about Dreams of Spanking, it would be the site layout (sorry, Blake). For starters, its design is dark which makes it look a little outdated. Browsing for content also isn’t the easiest. There is a search bar and preset categories, but they’re a little unorganized. For example, the tab options for “browsing” are new releases or the archive. There are no popular, most viewed, or even chronological browsing options.

Regardless, I will say that for a homemade site, it is quite good. There is always room for improvement, and something as minor as site aesthetics or intuitive browsing isn’t enough to bring Dreams of Spanking down.

Is it worth it?

Dreams of Spanking takes its responsibility to porn to a whole other level. A creator that cares about their work, high-quality original performances, and top-tier orgasms send this site over the edge. Members of this site have it so good.

If flogging or corporal punishment is your passion, Dreams of Spanking is a dream come true for you.