Is Digital Playground worth subscribing to?

Porn companies come and go, but Digital Playground has persevered for almost three decades. Part of its ability to survive has been adapting to the market, weathering changes in the adult entertainment industry. Digital Playground’s movie collection is a shining example of how it has maintained its longevity as an important and influential player in porn. It has not only stuck around as others have come and gone—it’s flourished.

But waxing about its storied history doesn’t answer a more pressing question for the average consumer: Is a Digital Playground account worth it? Here’s everything you need to know about Digital Playground: how much an account costs, what you get out of the service, and how the legacy site can improve in the future.

How much is a Digital Playground account? 

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If you’re not used to paying for porn, entering your credit card information for the first time might be a little strange. Don’t worry. Digital Playground’s standard membership costs are right in line with its competition. Starting at $29.99 per month, subscribers can save money by buying multiple months at a time. Three months will set you back $59.99, while a year only costs $119.99 (provided you buy all at once).

Considering how much content you get with your subscription, it almost seems too good to be true. And it is: Digital Playground has a secret VIP membership you won’t find out about until after you’ve paid. We’ll talk a little bit more about that in a moment.  

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Digital Playground membership perks

1) Thousands of scenes

Digital Playground has dug deep into its archives to provide an online streaming experience overflowing with content. Subscribers get access to over 4,000 scenes, with even more added every week. With selections straddling both classic content and more recent productions, Digital Playground is like diving into the last 20 years of porn history.

Thankfully, it’s a joy to do that kind of research.

2) High-quality production values

Digital Playground released the first HD porn film in 2004, seeing the future before anyone else did. Their commitment to quality has continued in the 15 years since. From homegrown features to stand alone scenes, Digital Playground content never looks cheap. As you pour through its thousands of scenes, you’ll quickly start to appreciate the consistency of Digital Playground’s offerings.

3) Full-length Digital Playground movies

Unlike porn studios that started as streaming sites, Digital Playground’s roots are in the pre-digital era. But as its website has become a bigger part of the business, the company has moved its robust DVD collection online for you to enjoy. There are hundreds of Digital Playground full movies to watch, featuring stars like Stoya, Jessie Jane, Bridget B, and Kaden Kross.

If you ever wandered through a porn store wishing you could sample everything, Digital Playground’s website is a chance to do just that.

4) Pop culture parodies

Digital Playground’s catalog includes some of the finest parodies porn has ever produced. From Deadpool and Star Wars to Zelda, Digital Playground has mined the depths of fandom to get all your favorite characters in the sack together. Updates to its satirically tinged content are often sporadic, but what’s available to subscribers is more than worth your money.

5) Increasingly diverse

Digital Playground has dramatically improved the diversity of its productions since the studio’s early days. While there is still plenty of room to grow, the site is no longer a sea of white bodies; its stars include a range of performers of varying racial and ethnic backgrounds. Once upon a time, it was unheard of to see Black women in a Digital Playground film. Those days have thankfully passed.

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Digital Playground cons

Now that we’ve gotten the perks out of the way, here’s the rub: Downloading on your account costs an absurd $20 extra per month.

We wouldn’t mind this if performers were paid royalties per scene, but porn stars are paid a flat rate. Asking for $20 on top of the aforementioned $29.99 monthly fee to download is a bit much, especially when the competition isn’t upselling for the same service. If you want to download Digital Playground scenes, you’re now looking at a starting price of $49.99 per month.

Why so pricey? Is it because Digital Playground is worried about users subscribing for one month, downloading everything, and then downgrading their account? If that’s the case, the site could address the issue by allowing users to download a set number of videos for free—say, 20—before being forced to pay the additional fee.

We don’t have a solution. We just know the full service is far more expensive than most porn fans are used to paying.

Is Digital Playground worth it?

Yes, but with a caveat. Let’s address frustrations with the VIP membership first, shall we? 

It’s easy to understand why Digital Playground would want to make sure someone doesn’t just bulk download all its content, but with over 4,000 videos and movies, that would take an excessive amount of time. Judging solely on its wealth of content and quality, Digital Playground should be the premier streaming porn site online. It boasts the biggest names in porn over the last two decades—for god’s sake. But unless you don’t mind paying for a porn account only to get streaming access, Digital Playground’s VIP downloads will be a problem.

For streaming-only porn fans who aren’t trying to fill a hard drive with their favorite scenes, Digital Playground offers a world-class collection of porn new and old. We just wish it wasn’t almost $50 a month to start watching and downloading content.

If you have the money to spend, Digital Playground gives you plenty of bang for your buck. So does Brazzers, though, and it doesn’t charge you extra to download.