What is Dipsea, and should you try this revolutionary audio porn app?

There’s something simple, easy, and fun about a curated erotic audio porn app. Why do all the hard work when a site will offer new material straight to your smartphone each week? That’s the logic behind Dipsea, a startup focused on adult audio recordings for female listeners.

Dipsea has made a name for itself over the past two years thanks to its growing audio library, which features categories like “group sex” and “dominance.” It’s also faced plenty of challenges on the road to success. In October 2019, for example, Google suddenly suspended Dipsea’s Android app from the Google Play Store. Luckily, that isn’t the case any longer, and Dipsea is readily available for both Apple’s iPhone and iPad as well as Android smart devices. You can even listen to Dipsea’s audio recordings through your web browser.

So, what exactly is Dipsea, and what do you need to know before signing up? Read on for our overview of this revolutionary curated audio porn service.

What is Dipsea?

Dipsea App Founders
Dipsea co-founders Gina Gutierrez and Faye Keegan

Dipsea is an erotic audio app that gives users access to premium adult stories in exchange for a monthly or yearly subscription. Dipsea stories range from vanilla to kinky, gentle to spicy. There’s a little bit of everything on the app, including erotica for queer and trans listeners.

Originally, Dipsea began with stories that “were more flirtatiously sexy than explicit,” the app notes in its blog, until the team realized listeners “loved the sensual scenes as much as they loved the story build up.” Dipsea’s top hours are 9pm to 1am per region, suggesting Dipsea is used less for commuting and more commonly used as an audio porn app for late-night listeners. These days, Dipsea’s content reflects that: It’s filled with stories about friends hooking up, sultry late-night dates, and kinky romps between partners, friends, and even the listener themselves.

Dipsea is available for iOS and Android, and as of January 2020, you can also listen to Dipsea stories on your PC’s web browser. Just visit the official Dipsea website, sign up for a subscription, and start browsing. Headphones or earbuds are recommended (but not required, if you’re feeling particularly frisky).

Is Dipsea free?

No. The app offers either monthly subscriptions at $8.99 per month or an annual $47.99 plan billed per year. However, annual subscribers receive a trial week for free.

What are the best Dipsea stories?

Dipsea’s stories come in different flavors, from narrated fiction tales to audio recordings that place the listener as the protagonist. While tastes vary, several Dipsea stories shine thanks to their kinky, creative, and/or inclusively queer nature.

For Dipsea stories with a gentle and sensual touch, consider “Hey Neighbor,” which explores that sweet fantasy of crushing on that model-like neighbor in your apartment building. There’s also “Crash with Me,” where a friend stays over during a rainstorm and ends up falling for her host. For similar queer stories, consider the date-themed “Highest Score” or the do-I-want-to-be-her-or-date-her fantasy “Neighbors.”

Meanwhile, for raunchier and far more explicit Dipsea recordings, consider “Salty,” which explores that sultry friends-to-lovers lesbian tension between two long-time friends with a thing for each other. A similar story, “Disco Text,” takes a night out at the club to a queer hookup at a friend’s apartment with a strap-on. If you want something more centered around yourself, dear listener, consider “Fantasy Threesome” and “Self Touch: Mix it Up.”

Lastly, if you’re looking for something kinky, consider “Tongue Tied” or “Submission Fantasy I,” which explore bondage between friends and domination from the femdom of your dreams, respectively. For a male dom, check out “Submission Fantasy II,” or the “Behind Closed Doors” series. Dipsea also offers a number of fantastic how-to stories, including several fantastic recordings on BDSM basics, Domination, submission, and aftercare by dominatrix Yin Q.

Dipsea review: Is it worth it?

Dipsea App Review

Dipsea offers an extensive, subscription-based library filled with high-quality audio stories. They are professionally recorded with experienced voice actors narrating writing that’s as realistic and immersive as it is sexy. This differs significantly from most free audio porn sites, where amateur performers have to work within their limitations.

With Dipsea, there are no awkward background noises, no unexpected police sirens, no strange microphone pops and crackles, and no cliche scripts. Instead, Dipsea stories feature voice lines, sound effects, and ambiance that puts the reader directly in the scene. This alone makes the experience far more enjoyable than DIY audio porn while still offering a quirky, indie feel compared to mainstream smut.

When Dipsea first launched in 2018, the app’s library wasn’t extensive nor sultry enough to justify a subscription. That’s changed over 2019 and 2020; now, the erotica app offers a wide assortment of categories, from an extensive catalog of BDSM audio to recordings featuring trans and nonbinary characters. Categorization is easy to navigate, simple to use, and just plain useful. For instance, the app uses a flame system to tell users whether their material will be particularly explicit or naughtily sensual, helping listeners choose the right fit for their alone time endeavors.

Dipsea’s queer content has grown significantly in recent years, but there’s still some room for improvement. Most of the material is still centered around women who have vaginas, with only seven stories explicitly featuring trans characters at the moment. Of those seven, six feature nonbinary characters, and only “Second First Date.” features a trans woman. Dipsea’s wide assortment of queer-inclusive content certainly isn’t exclusionary, but if you’re looking for direct, obvious inclusion for transgender and gender nonconforming folks, things are a little murkier. Trans and nonbinary listeners should check out the one-week trial and see if Dipsea is a good fit for their needs before subscribing.

Otherwise, if audio porn or narrated erotica is up your alley, subscribe to Dipsea. If you’re curious, it doesn’t hurt to give the stories a run-through with the app’s free trial, which you can activate via the annual subscription. If Dipsea isn’t a good fit for you, you can always cancel. And if it is, well, you’ll have plenty of audio erotica to enjoy for months on end.