Someone is running Donald Trump ads on Pornhub

Warning: This article will make graphic sexual content great again. But seriously though, if you scroll down, you’re going to see some porn.

There are a lot things one does not expect to see while watching porn—a dry academic lecture on the economic benefits of Italy leaving the European Union, an old black and white Mickey Mouse cartoon, or the smiling face of 2016 Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Nevertheless, the internet is full of surprises. 

In recent days, users of the massively popular porn tube site Pornhub were momentarily distracted from the zany antics of America’s naughtiest MILFs by ads bolstering the presidential aspirations of the real estate mogul and former reality TV star.

Here’s an example of one of the ads:

And another:

Clicking through the ads leads to the donation page on Donald Trump’s official campaign website, but a specific donation amount automatically comes pre-loaded as a suggestion. That amount, of course, is $69. (Nice)

According to a Pornhub spokesperson, the Trump campaign isn’t responsible for the ads. Instead, they were purchased by a third party. Neither the Trump campaign nor the advertiser responded to a request for comment. 

One possibility is that this ad placement was the result of a programmatic ad buy gone wrong, with the advertiser putting a placement offer across a network of websites and mistakenly ending up somewhere that encourages to people to pull another level aside from the one in the voting booth. However, the advertiser purchased the ad through Pornhub’s ad network, TrafficJunky, and specifically chose to advertise on Pornhub.

While most political operatives skew a little too “family values” to consider advertising on Pornhub, the site could be seen as an untapped opportunity. According to Alexa, the streaming pornographic video site is currently the 57th most visited website in the United States—above pages like the internet radio network Pandora and the website of the United States Postal Service.

According to a Pornhub blog post about the company’s performance in 2015, 41 percent of the site’s traffic came from the United States—by far the largest share from any single country.

Since the ad seems to be about converting people who are already Trump supporters into campaign donors, Pornhub may actually be a good place to do that. Recent polls show that Trump has an advantage with men, although that advantage is not nearly as large as the one that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has among women. Pornhub’s 2015 user base skewed 77 percent male to only 23 percent female, so it may actually be an effective place to find men who are already flush with endorphins and eager to make something great again.

Now, at this point, there’s probably a question slowly forming in the back of your mind, a question you probably don’t want to be forced to actually articulate due to the mental—and possibly physical—image it conjures. 

To answer that question: Yes, Donald Trump porn is a thing that exists.