It’s time to meet the new French porn hub.

We know that not everyone gets hot and heavy from the same things. Some of us take a little longer to reach our boiling point, and others can be ready to go at a moment’s notice. Regardless, if French accents, foreign films, and garter belts are the keys to your sweet spot, you’re in for a pleasant surprise with Dorcel Club. 

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What is Dorcel Club and what can I expect?

Founded by French filmmaker Marc Dorcel, Dorcel Club explores the French hardcore porn scene. Featuring top foreign pornstars like Clèa Gaultier and Anissa Kate, Dorcel Club has managed to create top-quality content spanning cultures and producing international stars.

With 10+ years under its belt, this site has tons of content on offer spanning all the way back to the beginning. The studio also sports multiple AVN awards for best directing, best foreign production, and more.

Expect to see true hardcore French scenes adhering to French content regulations. Anal, cumshots, facials, and other hardcore activities populate the site, and sexy lingerie seems to be a must-have for every scene.  

How much does it cost?

Dorcel Club offers three different types of membership options. The first is a month-to-month non-binding membership that can be renewed, or not, each month. The second is a three-month binding membership, and the third is a yearly binding membership. All memberships are paid upfront in one lump sum.

As far as pricing goes, I have to say that the Dorcel Club membership options are very reasonable. While the one-month membership is a little on the higher side, it’s understandable as this is the only non-binding option. 

One of the best features of its memberships is the 24 hour one-day trial offered for only three dollars. These trials are beyond valuable to ensuring a good membership experience. For 24 hours, you’ll get unrestricted access to all of the site’s content. You can browse to your heart’s delight and be 100% sure in your decision to become a Dorcel Club member. 

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What we love about Dorcel Club

1) Site authenticity

There’s no question that you’re watching content produced by, and starring, French directors and performers. You may be questioning why this is such a plus, isn’t all porn labeled foreign authentic? And the simple answer is no. While most credible foreign sites produce the content they actually claim to produce, there are many that don’t. 

While there are some performers who have branched out internationally to the US and beyond, their roots are ultimately in France. At Dorcel Club, you’ll get French performers acting for French filmmakers, speaking real French. You can even browse the website in its French default language setting. It’s a Francophile’s paradise from beginning to end. 

2) Great selection of vintage content

Dorcel Club is not new to the porn scene. Having been around for more than ten years, the studio has quite a lot of vintage content under its belt. All of this content is available to access on the site’s library, and available for download. 

When it comes to the vintage content’s video quality, 

3) Great content curation 

For new site users, the Dorcel Club does a great job of curating its videos under stunning categories. Under the Fantasies tab, there are over 20 categories to choose from. Vintage, lingerie, making-of, and candaulism are only some of the unique categories offered. Each of the listed fantasies features a stand-alone video depicting the specified category. 

For example, the generous curves category shows a thumbnail of Dorcel Club’s ‘Ariana 4 you’. Starring Ariana Van X, ‘Ariana 4 You’ follows a social media star who receives a message from a famous photographer. After Ariana gets over the surprise, she decides to show her thanks in a special way. 

It’s the perfect video to get you excited for what’s to come, and it gives you a great idea of what you can expect for each specific category.  

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The cons of a Dorcel Club Membership

1) Not everything on the site is exclusive

When you decide to pay for a site, there are a couple of things that you expect. One of the most important things you expect is to unlock exclusive content. This means that the content you pay for can’t be found anywhere else. 

Possibly one of the biggest upsets for Dorcel Club members is finding out that some of the content featured on the Dorcel site is not exclusive. Scenes from videos like ‘The Sexy Assistant’ featuring Lana Roy and others can be found on some free porn sites. However, what’s important to keep in mind is that feature-length content is kept exclusively on the site.

2) Can only download scenes (not the whole video at once)

This can be a real deterrent for some members, but we promise it’s not the end of the world. When you’re on the Dorcel Site, you can’t actually download a whole video at once. Some members may end up loving a whole video and want to save it all at once, but having to compartmentalize the scenes can seem like a daunting task. 

We recommend downloading one, or a couple, of the scenes from the videos that you really love and trying narrowing down the scenes that you’d like to have in your personal collection. This way, you have a clear reference of your favorite videos to go back to, and your best scenes are locked and loaded for whenever you need them.

3) Condoms in every scene

The majority of the male performers on Dorcel Club wear condoms throughout the scenes, per French regulations. While some may not mind it, this detail could be a major deal-breaker for others.

4) Almost every scene is in French

Most of the scenes and movies are filmed in French and the site offers little help by way of subtitles. If you’re tuning into a newer movie or scene, chances are that you’ll have the option of viewing the scene dubbed, however, the voiceovers really aren’t the best. If your porn experience hinges on hearing and understanding what is happening in the scene, this may be a dealbreaker for you.

Is it worth it? 

Whether a Dorcel Club membership is worth it or not is very subjective. It all depends on what you can and can’t handle, and what your top porn kinks are. If authentic French erotica is right up your alley, we don’t think you’ll go wrong with a Dorcel Club membership. 

However, if condoms, accents, and foreign languages don’t do it for you, this may not be your best bet. Members of Dorcel Club should be ready for a full French experience and be okay with viewing some non-exclusive content. They should be able to appreciate vintage porn, and be into high-quality story-driven content.