Are drones the future of porn?

This article contains graphic content that may be NSFW.

In a dystopic vision of future-sex that has nothing to do with Justin Timberlake, we’ll all be poking at one another with shoddy dildos we 3D-printed at UPS while drones peek through our curtains, hovering just beyond sight, stealthy as a fleet of flying lawnmowers. 

That’s the vision captured in a brief new bit of drone porn uploaded to PornHub, anyway. The video, watermarked by something called, depicts a drone approaching an apartment complex and hanging out to watch a couple sort of halfheartedly 69 in a very brightly lit room. (It’s no Drone Boning—that’s for sure.)


It’s obviously staged and fairly tame by porn standards, but that doesn’t stop us from being creeped out. At the risk of thinking about the surveillance state next time the clock strikes sexy-time, you can watch the full video over at PornHub

I mean, what else would all of those die-hard drone enthusiasts be up to? Hell, maybe drone-shots are the future of porn now that GoPro is releasing consumer-level models of the things that go zoom


Photo via Gabriel GM/Flickr (CC BY-2.0)