What kind of porn do people search for on Easter?

Easter Sunday is one of the most solemn religious holidays on the Christian calendar. It’s also a prime opportunity to see how many people are searching for terms like “bunny” and “easter egg” and “jessica rabbit,” thanks to the twisted minds at Pornhub Insights

The site has just come out with its Easter stats, and the results for the most popular Easter-themed search terms aren’t surprising:

Pornhub Insights

Are fap-happy surfers actually looking for videos of bunnies humping, or just ladies in bunny costumes? It’s unclear, but we’re hoping it’s the latter.

Pornhub Insights

Pornhub also crunched the numbers to find out which countries were searching for the most porn before and after Easter church services. Pornhub only experienced a global average of an 11 percent drop in traffic, unlike holidays like New Year’s Eve, where the site experiences about a 44 percent drop in traffic. But there were pretty significant dips in traffic in various religious countries like Romania (22 percent), Poland (11 percent), and Italy (14 percent) during Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

That traffic will likely pick up later tonight, though, so if you’re in church all day today, you can look forward to experiencing a  whole different type of resurrection.

H/T Pornhub Insights | Photo via somewhereintheworldtoday/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)