This Valentine’s Day, get your lover the gift of a chocolate butthole

This article contains sexually explicit material.

Flowers and candies might say “I love you,” but nothing says “I want you to lick me where the sun don’t shine” like a box of puckered chocolate anuses.

If you’re looking for something a little extra this Valentine’s Day, drop your man the most obvious hint ever with Edible Anus, a novelty website that sells boxes of chocolate buttholes.

Really. For $39.95, you can buy your partner a box of five chocolate candies modeled after anuses. 

Edible Anus

Edible Anus

The candies are available in different flavors, including white and dark chocolate, which is how butts actually taste IRL, right? 

One problem with the anus chocolates: They don’t actually resemble anuses. They look like dried-up halves of apricot pits, or baby birds’ mouths. There’s no butt shape to put that balloon knot in context. 

But if you’ve tried and failed to send your lover the hint to add tossed salad to the menu, these chocolates will give him the message loud and clear. 

H/T Jezebel | Photo by Marit and Toomas Hinnosaur/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)