Elmo and Cookie Monster toys have NSFW fun when left in a box together

This article contains sexually explicit material.

Sesame Street just got a lot dirtier.

On their own, Sesame Street toys such as Elmo Live and Tickle Me Extreme Cookie Monster are fun and safe companions for children—albeit slightly annoying ones after some time has passed. Put them together, though, and the results can be shocking.

Kathleen Adams discovered that, when you leave Elmo and Cookie Monster in close proximity without turning them off, they get, well, turned on.


 What sounded like a good time for the toys is just as clearly a childhood-ruiner. If their movements keep triggering each other’s buttons, this disturbing scene could last until their batteries die. (But if that’s more than four hours, maybe they should call a doctor.) 

Photo via Miss Izs/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)