The best erotic audio on Audible

Erotica has been a part of the literary tradition since humanity first started scribbling, with early examples still surviving from Greece and Rome. Today, the world of sexy audio stories is bigger than ever. Audio porn has become such an important part of Audible’s business that it has its own special Romance subscription and ranking system. Here’s everything you need to know about the Romance Package and the best erotic audio on Audible.

Audible Romance Package: The best deal in erotic audio

Want to get the most erotica bang for your Audible dollar? The Audible Romance Package is $6.95 per month for Audible members and $12.95 per month as a standalone service. Subscribers can check out up to 10 sexy audiobooks at a time from Audible’s library of thousands of romance titles.

You may be thinking, that sounds great, but what if I just want the juicy stuff? What if I don’t want to listen to 10 erotic audio stories each month? The Romance Package comes with special features designed to take you to the content you want.

Its “Take Me to the Good Parts of This Book” feature lets you skip between five sections of a book quickly. Each section is marked based on the rising action of the story, from kissing to flirty banter to sexual tension to sex, allowing you to quickly find exactly what you’re looking for. What more could you ask for? 

What is the Audible steamy ranking?

Before you dive head-first into erotic audio, it’s good to know what you’re in for. That’s why erotic audiobooks included in Audible’s Romance Package come with their own “Steamy Ranking,” a sliding scale to let you know how dirty a book is before you download.

Books range from “sweet,” inspirational romances that leave sex to the imagination, to “O-O-OMG,” a ranking so dirty its very name mimics an orgasmic moan.

Image of the Audible steamy scale

For the purposes of this list, we’ve only included titles that are simmering or above. Most fall in the hot damn or O-O-OMG section. After all, this is a list of the best erotic audiobooks on Audible, and you didn’t come here for a book you could read in public.

Please note, the titles included on this list that don’t have an official Steamy Ranking aren’t included in the Audible Romance Package. They’re still plenty hot—you’ll just need to use a credit on them.

The 20 best erotic audio stories on Audible

1) Baumgartners Box Set by Selena Kitt

Steamy Rating: Simmering, according to Audible, but trust us this is O-O-OMG

We’re not sure why Audible has this collection of three short novels by Selena Kitt listed as just Simmering, because this series is basically porn. Based around a loving married couple with a predilection for bringing guests into their bedroom, the Baumgartners series is perfect for listeners who want to get right to the sex. If this collection gets your fires going, there’s always Box Set Part 2 waiting for you.

erotic audio stories : baumgartners


2) Gotta Have It: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Steamy Rating: Not part of the ranked Romance package but would be O-O-OMG

Variety is the spice of life, and this collection of 69 hot sex stories serves as a fantasy spice rack of erotic audio. Jumping from sweet stories about couples in love to filthy quickies from strangers, Gotta Have It offers a little something for everyone. Best of all, if a story doesn’t grab you, there are still dozens more to check out.

audible porn : gotta have it

3) Stay Close by Alexa Riley

Steamy Rating: Sizzling

Part one in Alex Riley’s For You series, Stay Close offers a thrilling mix of passionate sex and budding romance. Readers follow Penelope, an 18-year rich kid who wants to explore the world, and Ivan, a former Russian mafia soldier hired by her parents to keep her safe. The age difference is a little strange, but the story wastes no time throwing its protagonists into each other’s arms. Will beauty be able to sooth the formerly murderous assassin? The answer is, of course, a very hot yes.

erotic audio : stay close

4) The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice

Steamy Rating: Sizzling

Best-selling author Anne Rice is best known for her vampire tales, but this erotic novel shows she knows how to get the blood rushing below the belt as well. Originally written under the pen name A.N. Roquelaure, this kinky twist on the beloved fairytale mixes the familiar story with a spicy BDSM reimagining. Be aware, this book has been called “irredeemable” by some prudish reviewers. For some readers, that should be a ringing endorsement.

audible romance package : the claiming of sleeping beauty

5) Bedfellows by Lola Leighton

Steamy Rating: Not ranked, but would be Hot Damn

Sullivan and Will are best friends who grew up in the system, keeping each other safe. Their connection is so tight they share everything, even partners. When they meet Adrienne it seems like they’ve finally met the one. The only problem is, there are three people in the equation, and secret passions boiling underneath. Bedfellows is a blazing hot romance of erotic audio, with moments of light bisexual exploration. If you enjoy a hot menage-a-trois scene, download now.

erotic audio books : bedfellows

6) Highland Wolf Pact by Selena Kitt

Steamy Rating: Hot Damn

Selena Kitt makes her second appearance on this list with the scorching Highland Wolf Pact series. Yet another collection of books, this series focuses on a pack of sexy Scottish werewolves and the women who love them. Shapeshifter erotica is a popular romance genre, and Highland Wolf Pact is a welcome dip into the world if you’ve never experienced it. While not the pornographic extravaganza that defines the Baumgartners series, there’s plenty of sex here to get you howling at the moon.  

erotic audio : highland wolf pact


7) Dirty Talk by Lauren Landish

Steamy Rating: Not ranked, but would be Hot Damn

When Kat found dick pics from her boyfriend to another woman on Instagram her heart was broken. A hot radio host named Derek gives her some dumping advice—and his personal phone number. What started as calls and texts quickly escalates to a game of dirty thoughts and even dirtier actions. Featuring male and female narrators, Dirty Talk is a high-quality production that gets you into both characters minds while they get in each other’s pants.

best erotic audio : dirty talk

8) The Sacrifice by Evangeline Anderson

Steamy Rating: O-O-OMG

Emma Krist comes from a long line of powerful witches but has no magical abilities of her own. With her thick curves and brown hair, she’s positive she’ll never be selected as her people’s Bloodlust Sacrifice to the vampire ruler. That is, until Aiden James calls her name. Now Emma must face a year as the sexual servant of an immortal killer, opening her mind to a previously unknown world of submission. This graphic supernatural BDSM fantasy isn’t a good place to learn about healthy BDSM rules, but it provides a bonfire worth of passionate sex.

erotic audio books : the sacrifice

9) Scandal Never Sleeps by Shayla Black and Lexi Blake

Steamy Rating: Sizzling

This tale of power and scandal is perfect for fans of Shonda Rhimes sexy evening soap operas, just expect way more sex. Featuring a mix of office romance and thrilling murder mystery, Scandal Never Sleeps is just as much a fun novel as it is smut. In fact, while it features several graphic sex scenes, the vast majority of this erotic audio book is just a mystery. If you like thrills and a fun story, give it a shot.

This is book one in a series, so if this gets your boat rocking, there are more episodes to hear.

audible porn : scandal never sleeps

10) Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

Steamy Rating: Sizzling

Beautiful Bastard is a great example of how hot sex scenes can elevate a standard plot into a must-listen. Chloe has been Bennett’s assistant for a long time, but always on opposite ends of the ocean. When Bennett comes home to Chicago from France he discovers his frustrating assistant is actually the girl of his dreams. Will they risk everything for a chance at passion? Or will Bennett’s grouchy past ruin their future? The answer is obvious, but the journey there is an erotic treat.    

erotic audio stories : beautiful bastard

11) Taking Turns by JA Huss

Steamy Rating: O-O-OMG

This 2018 nominee for the Audie Awards in Erotica is a step further than most of the books we’ve featured so far. While threesomes have come up, we haven’t explored what happens when one woman gets involved with three handsome men. Featuring sex clubs, foursomes, threesomes, and a surprising amount of romance, Taking Turns is a kinky walk on the wild side.

erotica audio : taking turns

12) Sweet Dreams by Kristen Ashley

Steamy Rating: Not ranked, but Hot Damn

Following her divorce, Lauren moves to a small Colorado town and gets a job serving at a biker bar. The clientele is rough around the edges, but nice enough. Lauren settles in for a quiet life, until she meets Tatum, a handsome rugged biker with a secret past of his own. Sweet Dreams is a slower boil than other audio erotica books, but when it gets going Tatum’s won’t be the only motor running.

audible porn : sweet dreams

13) Addicted by Zane

Steamy Rating: O-O-OMG

New York Times Best Selling erotica author Zane is easily one of the biggest names in the genre. Addicted is a clear argument for why. Centered on Zoe Reynard, a wildly successful businesswoman with a secret addiction to sex, Addicted is a naughty tale of hidden desires and the lengths people go to hide them. Featuring a largely Black cast, a rarity in the erotic audio world, Addicted is a raunchy treat for romance fans.

best audio erotica : addicted

14) Finding Gideon by Eric Jerome Dickey

Steamy Rating: Hot Damn

Wish there was action in erotica beyond what happens between the sheets? Finding Gideon is the thriller for you. Hitman Gideon is laying low after a job gone wrong, but his enemies have his life in their sights. With death on his heels, Gideon must reach out to Hawks, an old flame with essential skills, to hunt down his pursuers before they find him. Blending high power action and vivid sex, Finding Gideon is a welcome change of pace in the genre.

erotic audio : finding gideon

15) Orgasmic: Erotica for Women by Various Authors

Steamy Rating: O-O-OMG

It’s not unfair to acknowledge that most porn is created by men, with men’s fantasies in mind. Generally, however, erotica pays better attention to women than most genres of adult entertainment. Orgasmic: Erotica for Women is myopically focused in the opposite direction, putting the female orgasm first. Featuring women writing for women, Orgasmic is a blisteringly hot serving of erotica. Give it a try if books about alpha males leave you cold.

erotic audio : orgasmic erotic stories for women


16) The Red by Tiffany Reisz

Steamy Rating: Sizzling

Tiffany Reisz’s The Red is a mesmerizing tale of sexual exploration set around an art gallery on the verge of failure. After inheriting her mother’s gallery, and promising to do anything to keep it open, Mona finds herself deeply in over her head. Right as the end seems near a handsome stranger makes her an offer that tests her limits. Be his submissive for one year, and he’ll save the store. At first, Mona thinks it’s impossible, but her promise to her mother inspires a journey of sexual awakening that will leave many listener blushing. Not for the easily offended. Everyone else, have fun.  

erotic audio : the red

17) Burn by Suzanne Wright

Steamy Rating: Sizzling

Haper Wallis has a pretty uneventful life for a demon tattoo artist in Las Vegas. Sure, she just discovered her psychic mate is rumored to be the most powerful demon on Earth. And a billionaire wants her for his own. But those are common problems right? Featuring a strange mix of fantasy world building and vigorous sex, Burn is a pulp novel for fans of things that bump uglies in the night.  

erotic audio stories : burn

18) The Passion of Darius by Raine Miller

Steamy Rating: O-O-OMG

BDSM is a common theme in erotica, but not in Victorian erotica. Set in England during the 1830s, The Passion of Darius is a beautifully written period piece that just so happens to have some shockingly graphic sex. The titular Darius is a handsome Englishman who longs for the hand of the shy Marianne. When they finally marry Marianna confesses a secret; she’s submissive. At first he’s happy to oblige, but when it becomes clear she’s hiding something else, their love is put to the test. Featuring far better writing than the standard erotica, The Passion of Darius is a sure thing for anyone who’s ever fantasized about a firm hand on their bottom and some of the best audio erotica on Audible.  

best audio porn : the passion of darius

19) Wicked Burn by Beth Kery

Steamy Rating: O-O-OMG

Wicked Burn doesn’t have the best plot, but good lord, the sex scenes here will have you passionately typing out online reviews. This tale of hot sex between neighbors and the miscommunications that threaten to ruin it is standard romance novel fair. What isn’t standard is the book’s steady stream of graphic sex that will leave many listeners wishing for a cold shower or a private place to… think. Some books you recommend for the plot. This one we’re recommending for the sex. Enjoy.

erotic audio books : wicked burn

20) Start Me Up by Victoria Dahl

Steamy Rating: Hot Damn

Lori never wanted to stay in her hometown, but her father left her his auto shop and a legacy to fulfill. Thankfully there’s Quinn, a gorgeous architect with a thirst for Lori, and an understanding about no-strings sex, to pass the time. But Lori soon learns there’s a dark secret behind her father’s death, and Quinn may soon need to become more than just a friend with benefits, but also her protector. If you like erotica that just barely flirts with explicit sex, but still keeps your heart pounding, Start Me Up is a fun middle ground.   

audible porn : start me up

Editor’s note: This article is regularly updated for relevance.