Where to find the best erotica for women the internet has to offer

Finding a studio with a library of well-produced, substantially narrative porn is great and all (no, really, it is!) But have you ever just read a sensuously written story? The kind of naughty words that roll out slowly and then build into a page-turning crescendo, leaving you wiggling in your desk chair and dying to find a more private room?

If you haven’t, then we implore you to keep reading to find out more about the best erotica for women available right here on the internet. In a world rife with fictional popular culture icons and conventions dedicated to the most obscure of fantasy worlds, the social value of escaping into fantasy worlds is hardly understated.

We commonly accept storytelling as a way to escape into a world of fantasy, but so many of us would never think to click our mouse and search for written erotica rather than visual… and we’re doing ourselves a disservice.

The best erotica for women online

1. The best ongoing queer erotica: Autostraddle’s S L I C K

An aroused queer kinkster has a puppy play hood on their head. This illustration is for Autostraddle's queer erotica series S L I C K.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, lesbian news site Autostraddle came up with an idea to keep its readers feelings loved and cared for: smut. S L I C K offers “X-rated” stories for queer readers and features plenty of erotica with women in mind. Catch the site’s full backlog via its S L I C K tag. Fair warning, you’ll need an A+ membership to enjoy the experience. (Disclosure: The Daily Dot’s Ana Valens contributed to the series)

2. The best sex-positive erotica for women: Bellesa.co

A woman erotically blows smoke from her lips in Bellesa's erotica for women
“Thanks” by Kristine Lynn

Bellesa.co is a collective sight featuring short pornographic films from affiliate partners as well as its own independent films, blog articles about sex health and positivity, a sex toy store, and, most notably, a hub for some incredibly saucy erotica. Its stories, contributed by community members and other affiliated websites, are organized into different categories like romantic, group sex, and kink.

Whether you’re looking for something hot, heavy, and to the point, or a titillating tale that builds up tension, you’re sure to find something here to your liking. From the moment you click on one of the passion-inducing cover photos, these sultry collections will have you begging for more.

3. The best for steamy, romantic erotica: Sssh.com

An image from "The Consequences of a Kiss," an erotic video from Sssh.com featuring a romantic bath tub scene.
“The Consequences of a Kiss” featuring Madeline Blue & Ryan Driller

Okay, grrrl, do you have a small fan nearby? Great. Put on something gauzy, flip that switch on high, and point that fan directly at your face, because it’s time to dive click-first into digital romance-novel vibes courtesy of the creators at Sssh.com. In addition to creating its own original films, the site has a giant library of written and audio erotica.

This membership-only site caters exclusively to cisgender women, and specializes in promoting a healthy, loving relationship with self-pleasure. The site even hosts #sextalktuesday through their Twitter account, so if you’re looking for a really interactive community with your sexy clit-lit, Sssh.com might be the perfect fit for you.

4. The best premium audio erotica for women: Dipsea

A Dipsea user browses the audio erotica platform's web page on her browser.

If you’re familiar with audio erotica, then chances are you’ve already heard about Dipsea. This iOS and Android mobile app advertises offers dozens upon dozens of erotica stories for women. Some are narrated by fictional characters; others speak directly to the listener. But each one is as realistic as it is sizzling and sexy.

Plus for queer listeners, Dipsea offers a multitude of stories about women hooking up with other women, along with several featuring trans characters. Head over to the official website to start your free trial.

5. The best erotica for women for free: Erotica for All

Preview art shows a couple gazing romantically at one another on an erotica for women site
You can read an excerpt from this book here!

At first glance, Erotica for All seems to be a site solely focused on marketing erotic novels. However, if you click over to the Free Reads section, there is a variety of erotic fiction to suit all your female erotica fantasies. From erotic photographers to married swingers, there are plenty of sexy stories to enjoy that keep women’s pleasure in mind from start to finish.

6. The best erotica for women that gets kinky: Kinkly

Kinkly is an erotica site with a wealth of free sexy stories, a sex toy directory, and a directory of sex bloggers. Alongside their adult stories, visit Kinkly’s topics pages for an in-depth look into everything from pet play to hypnokink.

7. The best feminist erotica: Girl on the Net

NSFW site illustrations by Stuart F Taylor

Since 2011, Girl on the Net has served up a platter of erotica, true sex stories, hidden dirty fantasies, and artistic representations of sex. It’s a great source for those who like their hot first-person sex tales with a healthy dose of educational commentary. As the sites’ founder writes:

I’d like to add a teeny tiny extra voice to the horde of women screaming “WE ACTUALLY LIKE THIS.” Women have come pretty far in terms of sexual liberation, but it still seems far more acceptable for guys to moan about how little head they’re getting than for girls to wish they had a dick to suck.

8. The best amateur audio erotica: Erotic Audio Submissions


If you’re looking for women’s erotica that gets explicit without the imagery, audio porn might be for you. Some of the top audio porn sites have excellent submissions just for women. This Tumblr, in particular, is a treasure trove of audio erotica from amateurs.

9. The most comprehensive, free erotica database: Literotica

LightField Studios/Shutterstock

The erotica for women on Literotica is user-submitted and can be hit or miss. But there is a lot of it, and it is searchable by category and user rankings for stories, which helps readers sift through to find the best.

10. The best lesbian and gay erotica: Nifty

Two women hold hands in this image.

Nifty caters to gay, lesbian, and transgender tastes. The site is older and isn’t updated frequently, but it has a huge archive of female erotica. Save it for a rainy day, a weekend, or a late night when you can browse to your heart’s content.

11. The best curated erotica for women: Libida

A screengrab from curated erotica site Libida.

Libida is a site that promotes healthy sexuality in women and offers an archive of steamy stories. Unlike some of the other sites on this list, Libida’s stories are curated for a wide range of interests. Explore erotica stories ranging from Domination and submission fantasies to naughty fun playing Truth or Dare. Each story is short but thorough, offering a playful fantasy to slip into and enjoy for that quiet night home alone.

12. More well-curated erotica for women: Caffeiri

A screengrab from curated erotica collection Caffeiri.

Caffeiri is a collection of short erotica that gets directly to the point, as it were. The collection is free to access but not sorted by category. It’s got a ton of erotic short stories intended to tickle everyone’s fancy, so you’ll find erotica for women embedded throughout the site.

13. Reddit’s best erotica for women: r/PornInFifteenSeconds

A queer model stares at themselves in the mirror in this image.

This Reddit thread is for when you are on the go and don’t have any time to waste on foreplay. No, it’s not women’s erotica—it’s straight-up porn, condensed for time. But if GIF porn has ever been your thing, you’ll like the speed and repetition emphasized here. Just be wary of what you click on. Some content can be fairly graphic, but you should be able to tell what you’re in for by the post title. 

14. The best erotic blog: Bree Guildford Erotica 

A screengrab from Bree Guildford's Instagram that reads "Do not be afraid of embracing your sexuality, fantasies and desires. EMBRACE THEM! They are part of who you are!"

Sometimes the best erotica for women is written by everyday bloggers, and Bree Guildford is a prime example. As a mom of four (married to a woman) and an avid sex blogger, Guildford’s site is full of poetic romance novelesque erotica as well as her own personal sex stories. Its format reads kind of like a mom blog, but a whole lot hotter.

15. The best Tumblr-inspired erotica for women: Lady Cheeky

A woman receives oral from a male partner in a story on an erotica for women site

Lady Cheeky is a Tumblr-esque destination for the quick and simple GIF or erotic picture that will get you in the mood. The main focus is women taking charge and getting what they want out of sex. Lady Cheeky deserves a special spot in your hidden bookmarks folder.

16. The best erotic comics for women: Filthy Figments

100% by Gutsy

Looking for some erotic comics built specifically with women in mind? From straight porn to queer smut, Filthy Figments delivers. Check out Bramblefix’s polyamorous lesbian comic Away Game, featuring a queer baseball player sexting with her girls back home. Another popular comic, Belle, features Rica March’s genderqueer retelling of Queen Kristina of Sweden’s relationship with Ebba Sparre. Head over to Filthy Figments’ website to subscribe and read on to your heart’s delight.

17. Best erotic eBooks for women: Cleis Press’ erotica eBooks

These ebooks feature some of the best erotica for women

For years, LGBTQ publishing label Cleis Press has published erotica collections built entirely with women in mind, particularly queer women. That legacy continues today. Over on the publisher’s official website, Cleis lists a number of adult story anthologies available for both print and eBook, from the polyamorous-friendly 52 Fridays to Asa Akira’s erotica collection Asarotica. For more, check out Cleis Press’ Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year collection, with new editions published once per year.

Additional reporting by Kristen Hubby

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