Five things to love about Bellesa Plus, the Netflix of porn for women

Looking for the Netflix of Porn for women? Bellesa Plus is the solution of your dreams. More women are watching porn—or at least admitting to it—than in previous eras. Rather than treating porn for women as an obscure niche, Bellesa Plus makes it their focus. 

There’s much to love about Bellesa Plus’s platform: the variety of smut, filters, descriptions, selection of hot guys, and more. Here are five reasons to love Bellesa Plus and how they cater to the female gaze. 

What is Bellesa Plus?

Bellesa Plus is a paid streaming porn site featuring productions from a wide range of big-name studios in addition to their award-winning, in-house exclusives. The smorgasbord includes a little of everything mainstream and some more artsy features. Also among them are over 1000 high-quality 4K videos and 600 erotica stories.

belle says show on Bellesa plus

Bellesa’s original content is all directed by women, for anyone who wants to see genuine chemistry in porn. Bellesa’s performers are there to showcase pleasure on their terms—and with real orgasms.

Five things you’ll love about Bellesa Plus

1) Ethical porn treats its workers well

The studios involved abide by Bellesa’s code of conduct, which includes:

  • Clear consent and expectations
  • Paying performers fairly for their labor
  • Communication during the scene is encouraged
  • Regular screening for STIs
  • Workers’ health and comfort are top priorities—for example, performers can say “cut” at any point during a scene.

In other words, you’re supporting principled work environments for porn makers without having to break the bank.

2) Low yearly price for unlimited streaming

Between Bellesa’s productions and other studios featured on Bellesa Plus, thousands of ethically-made videos and hundreds of performers are at your fingertips.

You get all of that, without distracting ads about games that make you cum, desperate women in your area, or enlarging body parts. The visual experience of a paid porn site is far more pleasing.

And what’s Bellesa Plus’s price? $19.99 per month or $120 per year.

3) Just let hot people be hot people

One potentially off-putting thing about male gaze-focused porn is how women are described. On Bellesa Plus, hot women just get to be hot—age, race, and body type aren’t fetishized. There’s barely any separation into the categories labeled “Asian,” “Ebony,” “Teen,” or “MILF,” and fewer women feel alienated while browsing.

Conversely, a porn website made by women places greater emphasis on good-looking men. When straight and queer women’s preferences are the focus, they can be just as visually piqued as men are. Straight and polysexual women want to see hot men in porn. Bellesa Plus caters to more of that demand than conventional porn sites do.

Bellesa Blind Date - a porn blind date show

4) Over 700 performers, 2000 videos, 100 studios

A Bellesa Plus membership gives you access to thousands of videos, including over 50 premium channels.

Aside from Bellesa’s in-house productions, here are a few porn stars you might recognize: Asa Akira, Riley Reid, Vina Sky, Isaiah Maxwell, and Tori Black.

You might also recognize some of Mason’s (a.k.a. Sam No)’s works from the XEmpire porn network. Her studios include HardX, LesbianX, EroticaX, and AllBlackX.

Greg Lansky’s content is also on Bellesa Plus. He’s the director behind Vixen, TUSHY & TUSHYRaw, Deeper, and more.

5) Easily filter through moods, performers, and sex acts

Porn for women doesn’t have to be soft or sensual with candles, satin, and ample kissing. For every woman who prefers slow arthouse porn, there’s also one who likes it rough.

As such, you have the option to filter Bellesa Plus’s videos by how they feel. What fits your mood: sensual, passionate, rough, or bondage? Or maybe you’d rather have some sci-fi-written erotica. Or stories with big romance, erotic encounters between strangers, or slow-building tension.

Maybe you want to see just the MFM threeways from a few studios; there’s an option for that, too, and it’s easy to sort through them.

Bellesa Plus has a little something for everyone while fostering a friendlier porn experience for women at every stage of porn production and consumption. Ready to dive in? Join Bellesa Plus through our link below.

2-Day Trial$3
30 Days $19.99/month
365 Days$10/month