Flirtmoji releases sexy holiday-themed emoji pack

If you’ve been flipping through pages of emoji, feeling empty and unfulfilled at your current choices, wondering where all the holiday-themed penises are, then rejoice! Your wait is over. Flirtmoji, the company behind the sexting-friendly set of emojis, has released a winter pack of sex stickers.

Included in the new Snow Bunny collection are some sexed up takes on classic holiday imagery. There’s a turkey with swimsuit tan lines, a snow lady with nipples made out of coal, a vagina in a manger, humping reindeer, and a menorah where all the candles have been replaced with penises.


It’s everything you need to get into the holiday spirit and in the mood—though you should take care in balancing those emotions while in mixed company. Do not ruin your office Christmas party by sending the HR rep an unwelcome penis cookie. Make sure your sexting advances are welcome and consensual.

Flirtmoji’s Snow Bunny sticker pack is available through the company’s website for $0.99, though you’ll need to create an account before purchasing.

H/T The Verge Photo via Ryan Harvey/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)