Foria Melts open up a new world of pleasure and relief

Natural lubrication is something many people take for granted while they have it. While our bodies make natural lubricant, when it begins to taper off over time due to circumstances beyond our control, it can make us anxious and unsure about our sexuality. The more anxious and frustrated we become with the situation, the more our bodies fight against us in our quest for pleasure. It can feel like a lose/lose cycle of no fun for anyone. Fret not. Foria‘s Intimacy and Relief Melts are here to help. 

At Foria, they believe pleasure is your nature. They’re all about helping you have really good sex and more of it. The kind that makes you feel juicy, deeply nourished, and fully alive. They believe in the healing power of sexual pleasure and they prove it. Foria’s mission is to create life-changing plant-based sexual wellness formulas for your most intimate needs. And with these targeted Melts, they’ve struck gold.

What are Foria Melts?

Foria Melts come in two forms, Intimacy and Relief. Melts are small 100 percent plant-based suppositories made of just two ingredients—cocoa butter and organic, regeneratively grown CBD. You can insert them vaginally and/or rectally. Each Intimacy Melt contains 50mg of organic broad-spectrum CBD.

While Foria’s Intimacy Melts are designed to enhance your sexual pleasure, the Relief Melts can be used to support menstrual comfort. The 100mg of organic broad-spectrum CBD found in Relief Melts has been shown to help with pain associated with menstrual cycles and pelvic floor conditions You’ve gotta love a product with multiple uses.

How do Foria Melts work?

Easy to insert, they melt and absorb right where you need them for enhanced pleasure and targeted relief. The combination of CBD, terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids supports not only sexual pleasure, but arousal, relaxation, and comfort, and also eases tension. Can I get one to rub on my temples, please?

How do you use Melts?

Foria Relief and Intimacy Melts remain solid below 76 degrees Fahrenheit, so keep them in a cool place to prevent melting until you are ready to use. If they break or are bubbled, you can melt them completely and reform in the fridge. It’s suggested to place them in the fridge for up to 15 minutes before use, to firm up the cocoa butter and make insertion easier. Please wash your hands before inserting. 

How to Use Relief Melts

CBD is most effective when cramping starts, or even before, to help prevent inflammation and pain. Try to create a peaceful environment for yourself. Lie back in a comfortable position and insert the melt/suppository into your vagina as deeply as possible using your finger, or, if you have one, a tampon applicator. 

Placing a cushion or pillow under your buttocks will help the CBD oil remain as close as possible to the tissue of your cervix and uterus. It also helps release pelvic tension. Relaxing in this position for at least 20 minutes can be highly beneficial. 

It is perfectly normal for you to see some discharge of the oil upon standing, but you may want to use a panty liner so you don’t stain your clothing. 

Foria Relief Melts can also be used for menopause relief. The CBD can create muscular relaxation and enhance tissue oxygenation. They’re also great for rectal uses, from reducing pain and inflammation to enhanced erotic play. 

How to use Intimacy Melts

Foria melts - intimacy melts

About 30 to 60 minutes before sex is the perfect time to insert your Intimacy Melt, either vaginally or rectally (or both, we don’t judge!) as deeply as possible to enhance relaxation, lubrication, and arousal. 

You can use these melts in combination with any of Foria’s other products, the more the merrier. Users report the best results when used with Awaken Arousal Oil. The suppositories give an added boost of CBD internally to help relax blood vessels and muscle tissue, while the Awaken does the same externally. Talk about a power couple! 

Intimacy Melts are also beneficial for soothing post-sex soreness. Just insert after penetration and allow it to absorb. No need to do anything else other than drift off to sleep. 

A quick note about Foria Melts and condoms

FYI for use of any Foria products, they do contain oils, which can degrade latex and poly-isoprene, so please choose oil-safe barriers like polyurethane or nitrile condoms for protection from STIs and pregnancy. You can also use lambskin but please be aware this only protects the prevention of pregnancy, not STIs. Always consult your doctor before using a CBD product if you are pregnant or taking pharmaceutical drugs. 

Do Foria Melts really give you more pleasure?

Your mileage may vary. But, as a 45-year-old premenopausal woman, I don’t mind telling you, I’m always on the lookout for products that will enhance my pleasure. At first, I was skeptical of all the CBD-based pleasure products hitting the market. I use CBD gummies to relieve body aches and pain, however, so I figured I’d give it a try.

No unpronounceable ingredients

I’ve always appreciated Foria’s company ethics when it comes to how they source their CBD and limit the number of ingredients in each product. When I’m putting lubricant or pleasure enhancers in or on my body that can be absorbed, I don’t want things I can’t pronounce in the ingredient list. That’s something I’ve never worried about with Foria.

Where I live, it stays pretty warm all year. Accordingly, I keep my Melts in the fridge so they maintain their shape and make it easier to insert. Don’t worry. They don’t remain cold for long. Your natural body heat begins to melt them almost immediately.

As recommended, I inserted the Intimacy Melt about 30 minutes before I knew I would need it, to give it time to absorb. You don’t need a partner to enjoy the benefits of these melts—you can definitely use them for solo sessions, too!

Do Foria Melts work?

I noticed a marked improvement in lubrication and sensation while having sex after using the Intimacy Melt. But, most importantly, it helped me get in the moment. I wasn’t concerned with whether I would be lubricated enough because I knew I handled that ahead of time. I was able to relax and enjoy myself without worrying.

For a lot of women, this is vital to their sexual wellness, being able to relax in the moment and just let go and accept pleasure. I’ve also found, using a Relief Melt after showering and clean-up has helped stop any post-sex soreness I may experience.

Foria does a fantastic job of providing a variety of CBD and non-CBD products to enhance your wellness journey, no matter what you’re looking for.