Fortnite porn is all the rage on Pornhub

If you pay attention to video games, you’ve probably heard that Fortnite is the biggest thing happening in the medium right now. The game’s success is beginning to seep out into other areas—including porn. According to the adult video site Pornhub, searches for Fortnite porn are up 834 percent since September.

The timeline makes sense. September is when Fortnite’s popularity started gaining momentum, thanks to the release of the free Battle Royale mode. That’s the PUBG-style mode that lets 100 players duke it out to be the last one standing.

With that kind of runaway fame—especially among teens, its target demographic—comes porn searches. In a blog post, Pornhub’s team of statisticians digs into the data.

fortnite porn

Searches for “Fortnite” on Pornhub spiked whenever the game got an update or appeared in the news. The biggest bump came earlier this month when Twitch streamer Ninja teamed up with rapper Drake for a match. Not only did that stream result in the most concurrent Twitch watchers ever, but it also apparently made people horny.

According to the post:

The most popular Fortnite related searches include “hentai”, “battle royale”, “animation” and “strip”. Following some viral videos on YouTube, “try not to nut fornite” also became a popular search. “SFM” is a term often combined with game searches (see Overwatch Insights).

And speaking of Overwatch—also a popular Pornhub search—people who search for Fortnite porn also tend to seek out Overwatch porn. Other games that are popular with lust-filled gamers include Team Fortress 2, Minecraft, Pokémon, and PUBG.

The researchers mention other details as well. Men are 136 percent more likely than women to search for Fortnite porn. Searches most often come from visitors between the ages of 18 and 24.

With Fortnite’s recent launch on iPhone, players’ desire to see the game’s characters getting busy will no doubt continue to grow. In fact, now that the game is on iPhone but not on Android, Fortnite searches are 77 percent more likely to come from iOS devices than Android. Once it splashes onto Android, searches for Fortnite porn are sure to explode.