Pirn, Porb, Oorn, POTN & PONR: All the ways people misspell porn

We all know porn when we see it. You’d think we’d all know how to spell it, right? It’s a four-letter word, after all. And yet, if you look at what people are actually searching in Google, you’ll find weird words like pirn, porb, Oorn, potn, and ponr.

Now, maybe people really are looking for the Lovecraftian monster Oorn, but we have a sneaking suspicion that the shockingly high search volume for pirn, porb, and potn are the result of people trying to type one-handed on the go. Lots and lots of people.

In case you need plausible deniability if someone ever checks your search history, we’ve broken down the most common misspellings of porn, their meanings, and their search volume, as measured by SEMrush, one of the leaders in search analytics. We’ll also help you find what you’re really looking for.

Pirn, Porb, Oorn, Potn & Ponr: The most common porn misspellings


Pirn: A rod which thread is wound around for use in weaving. It’s made from wood or plastic and is slightly tapered, flaring out at the base. The thread is stored within the rod center. While these devices are as analog as you can get, their designs have been used in super automatic power looms.

According to SEMrush, there are 165,000 monthly searches for pirn and nearly as many for free pirn (because who wants to pay for their pirn?).

free pirn

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PorB: Neisseria gonorrhoeae PorBIA or PorB is associated with disseminating diseases. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, it’s the outer membrane of the dreaded “clap” and is very good at spreading the dreaded STD. If you searched for PorB, there’s little chance you actually want PorB.

And yet, according to SEMrush, searches for “porb” are off the charts. People are also looking for “porb hub,” which we can only assume is actually Pornhub, one of the top free porn sites.

free porb

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Oorn: A Lovecraftian monster described as a huge tentacled mollusk that sprays digestive acids. She is the beloved wife of Mnomquah, the reptilian creature, though he’s trapped in the moon. Once the Great Old Ones awaken, Mnomquah will finally be reunited with his intended, and they will lay waste to the cities of man. It’s all bananas, but what else can you expect from fantasy author H.P Lovecraft?

According to SEMrush, the search volume for “free oorn” actually outranks “oorn,” 27,100 to 22,200 monthly queries. Go figure.

free oorn

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POTN: The New York Stock Exchange name for the Pot Network Holding Group. This wavy-gravy consortium is a global cannabis industry leader that, according to its site, conducts research, development, and marketing of premium hemp extracts and natural hemp derivatives.

According to SEMrush, 74,000 people search for “potn” every month, and nearly half as many for “free potn.”

free potn

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PNR or PONR is the abbreviated version of “point of no return.” In layman’s terms, it’s kind of like when you try and type “Porn” into a search bar and accidentally make a typo that leads you onto a weird yet educational Daily Dot K-Hole.

SEMrush shows that the monthly search volume for “ponr” is 27,100, and just in case it wasn’t clear it’s a type, you’ll see 1,300 people also search for “xxx ponr.”

free ponr

Looking to get yourself past the PONR? Maybe just take an extra second to fix your typo.