FrolicMe produces sensual, ethical porn for bargain prices

FrolicMe CEO Anna Richards knows that better sex comes when all types of consensual pleasure are equal in the bedroom. Drawing from this philosophy, Richards founded one of the largest independently run feminist porn sites, What sets FrolicMe porn aside from its competitors is how the site’s content doesn’t just showcase female pleasure but promotes equal pleasure across sex, gender, and relationship status.

As female viewership continues to rise in the adult film industry, disrupting the long-stationed status quo couldn’t be more ideal. The male gaze is no longer the only influence of porn. Historically a male-dominated industry, the adult entertainment sphere has gained more female directors in the past decade than it gets credit for. The shift stems from the desires of viewers and industry members alike to create ethical and sensual erotica. However, the popular misconception that ethical porn only showcases “vanilla” sex has posed a setback for many hardcore porn lovers who might be thinking about delving into ethical porn. 


For someone inexperienced with BDSM and hardcore porn, its rough depictions of violence can come off as abusive and unethical. The key here is that the spanking, spitting, and binding you see on the screen are all consensual. This deliberate exchange of power between adults is actually what gets so many people off. The sub is able to release themselves fully to the moment, while the dom takes control of the situation. Showcasing each performer’s individual pleasure in scenes like these is actually what makes for better sex practices. 

FrolicMe aims to do just that. Enter its world of sensual erotica, and see how much ethical porn has to offer. 

What is FrolicMe?

Looking for refreshing erotica films? What about porn shot from a feminine perspective? FrolicMe is all you need. Inspired by Richards’ own desire for sensual, erotic porn, this site is as personal as it gets.


“I realized I had an opportunity to create beautiful arousing sex online,” Richards pens on the site. “Where sex was respected, consent was key and female pleasure was at the heart.” She describes her philosophy for the site (and subsequently what she aims to accomplish through it) as promoting healthy sex practices and depicting raw pleasure between the parties involved. “I wanted to create tasteful, socially acceptable sex [and] take a positive approach to how we portray sex online…create porn for women that could be enjoyed with our partners. Sex is so often taboo, yet is so important to our wellbeing, our sense of self, and our relationships.”

But it doesn’t stop there.

Over the years, the FrolicMe platform has evolved into a wealth of content and information for its members. Watch beautifully shot, award-winning erotica movies, or read up on (or listen to) sexy stories from renowned published erotic authors. FrolicMe has found a way to deliver it all. 

FrolicMe cost

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Sticking to the script of being one of the most accessible porn sites reviewed, FrolicMe memberships offers options on options on options. Membership starts at $28.90 for a single month as a one time payment. However, if you set it up to renew every month you can get a month for just $15.05 per month. Want to save more? Sign up for a year for just $62.90.

FrolicMe membership benefits

Now that you know how much the service costs, it’s time to tell you about FrolicMe’s fabulous exclusive features.

Subscriptions support ethically-made porn


It’s not every day that you come across something like FrolicMe: a site that produces porn and doesn’t leave its viewers wondering if they should feel ashamed. FrolicMe is trusted by users because of its transparency. All its contracted actors are paid a fair wage and are a part of discussions that ensure they only do performances they’re comfortable with.

Unlimited access to empowering erotica films and stories


You could say that FrolicMe is the Mall of America for erotic content. Complete with 250+ films, stories, photos, audio, and the ability to download up to six films per month, the sheer number of features is seemingly endless. From its inception in 2015, FrolicMe has garnered attention from mass media for its steadily growing list of nominations and awards.

Perhaps the most exciting are the BDSM and Kinky sex categories. Unlike the mainstream porn tube sites, the performers shown in these scenes are consenting adults thoroughly enjoying themselves. As a matter of fact, many of the performers hired by Richards are real-life couples! “I want real chemistry, I want real connection, I want real intimacy,” Richards told Mashable. “I want to show real sex as opposed to a performance.” That’s exactly what FrolicMe has accomplished.

Well-organized, attractive site


What I love the most about FrolicMe is its ingenious layout and content coverage. Finally! Members have a site that produces quality content across mediums. It features in-depth sex-ed articles, creative erotica, and even links to the largest adult sex toy supplier in the world. FrolicMe really is your one-stop shop for everything you may need in the bedroom!

Improvements FrolicMe could make

Quite honestly, this site is quickly becoming a favorite of mine and there are very few things I would change. So as for cons, I’m really reaching.

Up the number of downloads per month

While six downloads per month works fine for me, most sites offer unlimited downloading with the highest tier membership. I would suggest expanding that limit and broadening the scope of downloads. Currently, members can only download erotica films, not any erotic audio or short and sexy stories.

Is FrolicMe worth it?

FrolicMe is a total home run when it comes to the range of available content, quality, and fun! If I were you, I’d cozy up, pour a glass of wine, grab your favorite toy and browse away.