If you are looking for adventurous porn, tune in to FunMovies

Good sex should always be fun. Maybe not rollercoaster or zip-lining kind of fun, but I think we can agree it should be enjoyable. There are hundreds of ways to add fun to your sex life. That said, they all come with their own complications. If you find yourself in need of ideas to try something new, you might want to check out FunMovies.

Have you ever tried spicing up your sex life with fantasies like beach or shower sex? They sound better than they really are. Sex on the beach, is in a word, messy. Think sand everywhere. The waves only add to the mess. And to top it all off, the possibility of being spotted is actually quite scary. Shower sex sounds hot until you realize that water is not a good lubricant. I’ll leave the rest of that to your imagination.

If you’d rather focus on the hot parts than the awkward parts, tune in to FunMovies. Why not live these fantasies vicariously through its films? Let the pros do the work, you’ve got your imagination!

What is FunMovies? 

Brought to you by Gasm Networks, FunMovies is your gateway to fun amateur sex. It’s also Austria’s #1 porn site, which is why the film titles are in German. Luckily, you don’t need to be able to read it to enjoy the content.

Food play, public, party sex and more are all featured on the site. Fun Movies specializes in fun sex, and it does it so well. If you’re not built for adventure, or just need a little bit of inspiration, FunMovies has got you covered. 

Adrienne Kiss smiles in front of her webcam while sitting on a couch.

Cost of FunMovies 

Thanks to Gasm Networks, a membership to FunMovies comes with site-wide access to the network’s library, which offers more than 1000 videos and clips. For this much content, the membership price at FunMovies is almost laughable. However, for those looking to be extra sure about the quality of the content before they commit, I would recommend taking advantage of the two day trial available to potential members for just one dollar! If you already know this is the site for you, then you’ll be happy to hear that the membership options don’t disappoint. 

Membership Benefits 

Access to hundreds of cosplay videos and multiple channels 

Thanks to the Gasm Network, a membership to FunMovies will set you up with access to over 1000 erotic films from over 40 independent directors, three updates per week, exclusive releases, and more! For those simply looking to satisfy their most intense fantasies, you’ll be pleased to know that the FunMovies studio has over 1000 videos available to view, with new updates weekly.

Purely fun content

FunMovies doesn’t skimp on the fun activities. Its content covers so many different themes and sub genres that there will most definitely be something for everyone. At first glance, you’ll see that the studio has covered food play, outdoor and public sex, group fun, and role play extensively. Surely with over 1000 films available on the site, a deeper dive into the content offering will only unearth more gems. 

Two models share a kiss.

Membership Cons

Site navigation

This isn’t a huge problem, as the content from FunMovies makes up for the lack of streamlined searching, but for a seasoned member, it can be an annoyance. Once you log on to the network and begin to view the FunMovies channel, the content is automatically sorted by its latest posts. While you can search for a favorite video title, sorting by sub genre or performer or any other filtering option is out of the cards. A studio with this much content should have better search and filtering options for its members to make the viewing process as seamless as possible 

Is it worth it? 

If you’re looking for fun sex, FunMovies is most definitely worth a membership! You’ll have access to its entire content library, on top of what’s available from other Gasm network studios, which makes your viewing possibilities almost limitless.