Twitter users are guessing which fictional villains are based on creators’ sexual fetishes

Comic book writer Gail Simone asked Twitter users which villains or villainesses do they suspect are manifestations of creators’ sexual fetishes on Monday.

Like we know that’s how 90% of villains were created, but once specific examples are pointed out, it’s hard to unsee them, you know?

“Um…my bet is on EVERY villain/villainess is based on a sexual fetish,” Twitter user @amenakamel wrote. “But Catwoman is glaringly obvious — hello BDSM.”

Early and longtime X-Men comic book writer Chris Claremont, who co-created dozens of characters, was featured pretty heavily in the thread.

“I pretty much assume Chris Claremont was extremely horny for all 26 years he was writing X-Men,” Twitter user @john_heathen wrote.

In fact, most of the thread was dedicated to Claremont, who co-created the Hellfire Club, a fictional society inspired by the real-life Victorian-era secret society in which aristocrats drank, had kinky sex, and tried to summon the devil.

“Definitely the Hellfire Club,” Twitter user @Peposed wrote. “I mean, have you SEEN Sebastian Shaw’s muttonchops??”

As it turns out, a lot of Claremont’s work seems to feature tentacles.

Other non-Claremont guesses include Ruby Thursday, Warrior Woman, The Exterminatrix, and Sin–all Marvel characters.

Though, to be fair, DC Comics also received its share of guesses.

“Bane is 100% the severe daddy Batman needs,” Twitter user @Agent_Armando wrote.

Just like Marvel has Chris Claremont, DC has William Marston, the creator of Wonder Woman.

“I would guess every man Wonder Woman ever tied up was a stand in for William Marston,” Twitter user @d8d12 wrote.