Infamous ‘Game of Thrones’ scene required hilarious casting email

This article contains NSFW content and Game of Thrones spoilers.

If you’re a huge fan of Game of Thrones (and maybe even the books), then you might get a kick out of this very real fact: With the amount of bodies needed for most of the scenes, a bunch of people are bound to receive an invite to be an extra. Most of them are probably required to drop trou and yell out profanities.

For Cersei Lannister’s now-famous “walk of atonement” scene, a special role was needed to evoke the necessary emotions from the viewers: A Caucasian man between 25 to 50 years old willing to show his schlong and shout, “I am a Lannister! Suck me off!”

A copy of an email sent out by the show’s casting agency was posted on Reddit by a user who said he didn’t get the part, and the community naturally went bananas over how hilarious the requirements were.

Apart from needing to fly from England to Croatia the very next morning, the lucky flasher would need to have an adequate amount of pubic hair and be free from any genital piercings and other abnormalities. Sorry, guy with perennial herpes, you’re not qualified.

Just in case you’re on the fence about the offer, the email guarantees that no close-ups of your manhood will be taken. You will also be in the company of a fellow flasher, so there’s no need to feel completely alone and vulnerable.


Unfortunately, the user who posted the viral email said he couldn’t take the offer on account of having an expired passport that couldn’t be renewed in time and being, uh, abnormally large. Instead, the role went to this guy, who in all fairness, did a pretty bang up job (pun totally intended).

H/T Reddit | Screengrab via SmaugTheMighty/YouTube