Eddie by Giddy delivers on its promise to fix erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is like getting hit in the balls. Everyone with a penis will experience it at some point, and, while it sucks, the embarrassment is really the worst part. Medications can work, but they’re a chemical solution to a problem that may have deeper roots. That’s why Eddie by Giddy originally got our attention. It’s a non-chemical way to address the immediate issues of erectile dysfunction—and acknowledges that sometimes your emotions are why your dick stays soft. 

Now Eddie by Giddy has gotten an upgrade, making its already groundbreaking ED technology even easier to use. Are you ready for Eddie?

What is Eddie by Giddy?

Eddie by Giddy calls itself a treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED), but it’s essentially a medically approved cock ring. Where it sets itself apart from stretchy, “one size fits all” cock rings is its rib-shaped design and use of tension bands. Users place the device over the shaft of their penis and then tighten it by connecting a tension band to the bottom prongs. 

Eddie by Giddy device and packaging

Eddie by Giddy is an FDA-Registered Class II Medical Device that was developed by urologists to help you keep an erection. It’s made of medical-grade polycarbonate/ABS alloy and covered in a proprietary thermoplastic elastomer. In non-scientific terms, Eddie by Giddy is easier to clean than any cock ring I’ve ever used. It feels sturdy but soft to the touch. And thanks to its variable sizing, it can be a useful aid no matter what’s in your tackle box. 

Most importantly, buying Eddie by Giddy doesn’t just give you the device. Eddie by Giddy also includes educational videos to help you and your partner explore the causes of erectile dysfunction. ED can be caused by a host of problems like hormone imbalances, prostate cancer, medication, stress at work, depression, decreased intimacy in your relationship, or the dog jumping on the bed at the wrong moment. Depending on when it manifests itself, it can be hard to figure out the cause. 

Eddie by Giddy’s videos help humanize the issue of erectile dysfunction, removing the toxic cultural stigmas and providing useful information. An instant boner pill can give you five hard-ons per month for $40, but Eddie by Giddy’s educational materials give you answers that can help you even when your device isn’t handy. It’s refreshing to see a company acknowledge ED isn’t a solo battle. It impacts everyone in your relationship, and you shouldn’t fight it alone.

giddy erectile dysfunction device sex positive - video

Eddie by Giddy review: Does it work?  

All that educational information is great, but the real question is, “does Eddie by Giddy work?” The answer is yes. Of course, a positive review is meaningless if you don’t know some frustratingly personal information about the author.

I originally reviewed Eddie as a 35-year-old male with a pretty sedentary lifestyle aside from a daily walk. At the time of our original review most nights, I’d have at least a beer, but two drinks a day isn’t uncommon. At 5 feet, 11 inches my doctor told me that, for my body type, I was about 15 pounds overweight. 

Today I’m 38, and about 10 pounds lighter than I was when I first used Giddy. However, I work out more than I used to, thanks to the pandemic purchase of a Peleton bike. However, I’m also three years older than during the original test. 

In terms of ED, I’d like to believe then and now I have a standard amount of misfires, particularly given my health history. Sometimes I’ll go months without any issues. But with age and anxiety, it isn’t uncommon to have whole weeks where it takes me a minute to get going. While not a reoccurring problem, it’s embarrassing when it happens.

There are a few triggers: A depressive episode, being stressed about money, and trying when it’s really late at night. Or, when I’ve had too much to drink. Thanks to a series of lifestyle changes, I drink less. However, like the devil, whiskey still pops up from time to time, which makes me fail to pop up.

The trial run

During the month I tested Eddie by Giddy, I kept track of my mental health, diet, sleep, level of frustration, and substance intake to get an honest reaction. Our original review took place during the beginning of COVID-19, which might have been the most stressful time in my modern life. Trying out Eddie 2.0 by Giddy, I was in a significantly better place. Life was open and I could go dancing if I wanted to, for example. 

During the testing phase, I had sex during each of my standard “problem situations.” I experienced all of the greatest hits of erectile dysfunction: a depressive episode, a petty fight about something else, looming deadlines, 2 am horniness, and—everyone’s worst enemy—too much whiskey after dinner. The whole rogues’ gallery of limp noodles, ready and waiting to just kind of hang there. 

After a month of use, I can say that the 2.0 version of Eddie by Giddy is perhaps the best sexual aid I’ve ever used. Pills and instant chewables are great but inconsistent, and often the stress of waiting for them to kick in takes you out of the moment.

But Eddie by Giddy never made me worry. Instead, its design helped me stay erect no matter the situation, while its educational materials helped me stay in a healthy mindset in between sessions.

Hand holding Eddie by Giddy device

Eddie by Giddy strengths

Eddie by Giddy’s biggest strength is its comfortable design. Unlike traditional cock rings, Eddie by Giddy’s oval design allows for a more comfortable fit instead of simply holding your penis in a death grip. It helps keep you hard without feeling like it’s cutting off your circulation. While a little trim of your pubes helps to get it on easily, Eddie by Giddy also doesn’t snag your hair the way stretchy cock rings do. 

That means Eddie by Giddy is easy to put on at the beginning of foreplay while you’re getting fully hard, instead of being something you’ve got to stop making out to put on when you’re properly rigid. For the ED struggles I’ve faced that involved emotions, mental health, or ADD, this has been a godsend. I’m not waiting for the moment to put it on; instead, I found myself fully engaged and often forgot I was wearing it at all.

giddy erectile dysfunction device sex positive - measuring

Introducing sexual aids into your relationship can be terrifying, but it shouldn’t be. A sex aid is you saying, “Hey, let me do you better.” In some ways, the very idea of offering to use one is sexy, because you’re putting your pride aside to benefit your mutual pleasure. 

Is Eddie by Giddy fun?

Eddie isn’t just for ED. I found myself excited to use it during normal sex sessions as well for a little extra gas in my tank. People have used cockrings for pleasure for over a hundred years, but now Giddy has brought them into the future. Even if you don’t struggle with ED, Eddie is a treasure trove of fun. 

School by Giddy

Meanwhile, Eddie by Giddy’s included educational videos walk you through difficult conversations. Culturally, we treat sex as something you’re either good at or not. But that ignores all the intimate details of life that get in the way. By combining a medically sound cock ring with smart and empathetic advice on sexual honesty, Eddie by Giddy helps remove the shame of ED—and makes every day a little more fun.

Issues with Eddie Giddy

I had the most difficulty getting Eddie by Giddy to work due during a depressive episode. I tried to take Eddie by Giddy’s educational materials to heart and admitted that the pandemic was getting me down. But the educational materials got me through the moment. Healthy communication isn’t the sexual fantasy I was dreaming of, but Eddie by Giddy was right: It works wonders.

The device’s simple design makes it easy to clean with antibacterial soap and hot water, while the carrying case helps keep it safe when not in use. Plus, the interchangeable tension bands allow you to customize it to your exact level of snugness. If you’re struggling, you can get a little extra grip.

That said, size matters when ordering. Eddie by Giddy sent the Daily Dot a sample of each size for this review, but speaking from personal experience, you don’t want to use the wrong size. Swallow your pride and use a tape measure around the base of your penis to make sure you get the size you need.

Eddie by Giddy doesn’t work miracles. At 38, too much whiskey is too much whiskey. During my tests, I was able to have normal sex using Eddie by Giddy after having a few drinks with dinner. But on the night we had three beers and three shots each, even the Eddie by Giddy was saying, “Maybe just focus on her tonight.” That’s fine. This is a truly incredible device for 99% of sexual experiences. 

How much is Eddie by Giddy?

Eddie by Giddy costs $188 every 4 months, with new bands and a new Eddie coming upon each renewal cycle. If you clean your device properly and store it, you shouldn’t have any problem making your bands last. 

Is Eddie by Giddy worth it?

Eddie by Giddy is such an effective product that I’ll put my name on an article admitting I sometimes have ED. But statistically, most folks with a penis my age have had similar experiences—even if they aren’t willing to talk about it in public. It’s nothing to be ashamed about unless you allow your feelings to make you shameful. Anger toward a partner, anger or depression towards yourself, and even feelings of inadequacy are common side effects of ED. Those are natural feelings, but they’re toxic ones that only make the problem worse.

Eddie by Giddy on a nightstand

By offering a mix of medical help and mental health, Eddie by Giddy attacks all sides of the erectile dysfunction problem. It offers an effective, long-term solution and helps you find connections between your everyday realities and your sexual health. 

In many ways, Eddie by Giddy’s system reflects a healthy sexual relationship. It isn’t enough to just be hard; you have to work on who you are as a person to truly know sexual satisfaction. Communication, sleep, a decent diet, mental health, and genuine intimacy are just as important as blood flow when maintaining an erection. 

In an era of great uncertainty, it’s cool to see an erectile dysfunction product that doesn’t pretend a hard dick will fix all your problems. But if you want one of those, Eddie by Giddy has you covered.

Correction: Eddie by Giddy is not FDA-approved.