Girl freaks out upon sending whole family a selfie with dildos in the background

Let’s say you sent your family a bathroom selfie. No idea why you’d do something like that, but it’s done. Yeah, you said “on fleet” instead of “on fleek”—no big deal. Parents don’t know the difference.

Now, let’s further suppose that there are two vibrators in this photo.

What do you do now? You have a few options:

  • Move on with your life because no one is going to notice.
  • Preemptively text the fam about your sexual empowerment.
  • Beg your sibling for help in executing a pretty desperate cover-up even though they’re just going to screengrab the whole thing for Internet strangers to laugh at.

You know what’s actually way more embarrassing than using sex toys? Intimating that you may want to see the latest Adam Sandler movie.

H/T BroBiblePhoto via Lizzie Benton/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)