Girlfriends Films is lesbian porn done right

Cheesy scripts and bad performances seem to be the defining characteristics of modern porn–that is, if you’re not on Girlfriends Films. Viewers have dealt with these discrepancies for too long. And if awards are any indication of turning tides, a new wave of erotic films has washed in. produces passionate lesbian and girl-on-girl VOD porn for people who appreciate realism.

It’s clear that Girlfriends Films content, actors, script, plot, and all of its other moving parts are given thought and executed perfectly. It might not be produced on a multi-million dollar budget, but as far as viewers are concerned, there are no complaints yet. 

We love Girlfriends Films for the same reasons we love movies. The storylines transport us to a new world. The actors are believable, the scripts draw you in, the sets, the scenery, the plot: it’s all great. When you watch low-budget free porn, the difference in quality almost slaps you in the face. It’s like watching a bad movie! Girlfriends Films, however, found a way to deliver high-quality content for low-budget prices.

What is Girlfriends Films? 

Girlfriends Films feels like a shining light in an era of bad porn. The studio has broken down film barriers and kicked the dark ages to the curb. It takes pride in producing premium, realistic lesbian sex and has committed itself to produce the best girl-on-girl adult movies for both women and men to enjoy. It has remained the best-selling girl/girl studio in the adult film industry for almost two decades. This studio speaks for itself. Take a stroll down its lengthy list of awards, and I’m sure you’ll also agree. 

Alex Coal and Jezabel Vessir in "Women Seeking Women #173" for Girlfriends Films

How much does Girlfriends Films cost?

Access to award-winning lesbian content sounds like it comes at a price, and it does, but Girlfriends Films makes sure that’s not too steep. Monthly starts at $14.95 per month. Or you can subscribe for a full year for $119.40 if you pay at once. That averages out to $9.95 per month.

What are the benefits of Girlfriends Films?

1) Access to hundreds of videos and over 50 award-winning films

Girlfriends Films’ approach to erotica very much resembles the new studios of today. It is transparent about its practices, produces ethical porn, and made with the female gaze in mind.

It’s also worth remembering that Girlfriend Films has been around for nearly two decades. This entire time, the studio has been creating quality content for its members to enjoy. And now, with over 3,000 videos and an impressive collection of award-winning content, you can have access to it all under one roof. So if you’re on the hunt for vintage lesbian porn, my love, you’ve struck gold!

Scene from Girlfriends Films' original "Lesbian Bridal Stories #02"

2) Exclusive content including Girlfriends Films VOD and live shows

As if 3,000 films weren’t enough to keep you occupied, now you can access behind-the-scenes footage and interviews of your favorite scenes and performers. Additionally, the Girlfriends VOD Films blog is constantly updated with exclusive content, deals regarding videos on demand, and stocked with pay-to-view features like live cam shows!

3) Clear mission statement 

One of my favorite things about Girlfriends Films doesn’t have to do with the content itself (although to be clear, I love so much of what this site produces). But the transparency and morals in which the studio is run. Its mission statement and journey are clearly laid out for all of its members to see. There is no question as to the studio’s ethical practices, and its run-from-the-kitchen journey is actually a great read!

4) There’s a Roku app

This is such a cool add-on for potential members looking for a quality site to frequent! The Girlfriends Films app is available on your Roku device today. Adding it as a hidden channel is quick and easy, and will have you hooked in no time!

In order to activate the channel, you’ll have to copy and paste or follow the website link while launching the Roku device. Once the app appears on the screen, you’ll have to link your Girlfriends VOD Films subscription via the activation code. Finally, a safe, secure, and easy way to connect your porn to your personal life. No more living on the phone!

Girlfriends Films app now on Roku

Is Girlfriends Films worth it? 

Notice the lack of a con section? That’s on purpose. This studio does exactly what it set out to do by offering top-quality, ethical lesbian and girl-on-girl erotica. I have no complaints about site navigation, exclusive content offerings, language used, or any other qualm, which is a rarity among porn sites. Maybe, just maybe two decades of work has done this site an amazing service. If you are looking for erotic lesbian porn, race over today. You’ll never guess what Girlfriends Films has in store for you.