New York calls for use of gloryholes to help prevent spread of coronavirus

As New York City heads into month three of social distancing measures due to the coronavirus pandemic, you’d have to imagine that there are a lot of horny singles out there just about ready to break quarantine for a Tinder hookup.

But the good news is that the NYC Health Department has released a helpful guideline with tips on how to safely get your freak on while reducing the risk of spreading coronavirus.

Some of the suggestions were fairly boilerplate, such as using protection, avoiding kissing, and always wearing a mask—or trying alternatives like sexting or “sexy Zoom parties.” Some were less so, like avoiding orgies, along with tips on how to make group sex as safe as possible should one find it difficult or impossible to avoid participating in an orgy.

And then, there was the part that essentially advocated for glory holes.

“Make it a little kinky,” the document states, while suggesting that New Yorkers be “creative with sexual positions and physical barriers, like walls, that allow sexual contact while preventing close face to face contact.”

Like walls!

For the uninitiated, glory holes are small, penis-sized holes typically found in restroom stalls or other thin partitions that allow for fun sexy times in a relatively discreet capacity. For obvious reasons and logistics, glory holes have traditionally been popular within the gay community.

These latter guidelines came across the desk of Kerensa Cadenas, senior editor at The Cut, who tweeted screenshots of the guidelines on Wednesday. “The new NYC CDC sex guidelines is an iconique document,” she added. Certainly one way of putting it!


The NYC Health Department is right! For far too long, glory holes have been relegated to seedy dive bar bathrooms and shady Craigslist classified ads. It’s time to start normalizing glory holes, and it’s just a damn shame that it only took a global pandemic to get us here.