Government official caught having sex during Zoom meeting

A government official in the Philippines was caught having sex in the middle of a Zoom meeting, according to multiple reports

Captain Jesus Estil, of Barangay division of the Philippines, was reportedly in the middle of a Zoom conference call with his colleagues when he stood up and walked to another side of the room, where his secretary was sitting on a couch, the Daily Mail reported.

Estil and his secretary, who is also his wife’s friend, then began having sex.

He apparently thought he switched off or covered his camera. According to the Filipino Times, the meeting was held on Wednesday to discuss ways to fight the coronavirus pandemic. 

A staff member on the call recorded what transpired, according to the New York Post.

After a few minutes, Estil is seen returning to the computer.

The Department of Interior and Local Government said it plans to remove Estil from his position.