The 11 most disgusting videos on YouTube

Warning: This article contains explicit material that may be NSFW.  

There’s plenty of stuff you can’t get away with on YouTube, but an awful lot of twisted, revolting, barf-worthy material doesn’t violate its community guidelines. In the interest of spicing up an otherwise boring news week, here are some of the foulest videos currently on offer. Enjoy!

“How to Perform a Prostate Exam”

Anything from the How To Basic channel would make the cut, but the concept of laying eggs so you can lubricate your fist in yolk and ram it into a butt you cut in a stuffed horse… yeesh. 

“Best of Hentai Voice Acting – Dan Green 2: Cluck Like a Chicken!”

This entry arrives via our friend Ryan Broderick. Is anime pornography even more discomfiting when you’re left with just the audio track? Yes.

“Pulling off my dead toe nail.”

Possibly a deleted scene from David Cronenberg’s The Fly.


Alarming in its own right, but greatly enhanced by a sample from another Gross YouTube classic, in which “Auntie Angel” reveals her technique for grapefruit-assisted fellatio

“Eating a Live Giant Scorpion”

Louis Cole is a YouTube celebrity who eats disgusting things. Alive.

“the poop الخرا”

It’s unclear whom this was meant for, or whether they were ever the same after watching it.

“The Best Popping Compilation Of Cysts, Pimples, Zits, Botflys, Blackheads, Abscess, Boil,”

For true body horror, it’s tough to beat these epidermal extractions. Why choose just one when you can see a truly sickening montage? (Also, why do humans have so many holes?)   

“dogcheese squarepants”

“This isn’t so bad,” you’ll say to yourself, shortly before it gets really bad.

“Exploding sperm whale (real time & slow motion)”

Ever wondered what the inside of a sperm whale looks like? Not anymore you don’t.

“How It’s Made – Hot Dogs” 

Strongly considering the vegetarian lifestyle right now.

“Spore Creature Dickbutt”

The Dick Butt meme—a li’l drawing of a dick-shaped man with a dick for a butt—is as old as the viral Web. (Here’s the full history of it.) Dick Butt is cute in two dimensions, but when you animate him in 3D, the nightmare never ends.

Photo via Gustavo Devito/Flickr and Wikipedia | Remix by Max Fleishman