Porn star shows you how to get contraception from Hobby Lobby

Last week, the Supreme Court ruled that the craft supply retail chain Hobby Lobby is not legally required to provide their employees with access to emergency contraception in its health care plans. 

In the weeks following the controversial ruling, a slew of feminists and reproductive rights activists have responded to the Hobby Lobby ruling in every form and fashion, from op-eds and pop songs to snarky tweets and scathing satirical attacks like this “How To Prank Your Local Hobby Lobby” meme.

But none of those Hobby Lobby takedowns have been quite so on point as “How To Get Contraception From Hobby Lobby,” the short from porn production studio Woodrocket (link NSFW) that demonstrates how ladies can circumvent the SCOTUS ruling with a little bit of ingenuity and DIY know-how.

Starring self-described “ladies’ porn star” and “professional tangslayer/fucksmith” Ela Darling, the short (which is too NSFW to embed here) shows Darling going into a Hobby Lobby and picking out all the popsicle sticks and Q-tips she’d need for a standard arts and crafts project. 

Ela Darling at Hobby Lobby


But just before you expect her to whip out a DIY friendship bracelet or bird cage, she reveals her creation: an informal chastity belt over her nether regions. 

As clever as the video is, it doesn’t change the fact that its thousands of female employees at its 576 stores don’t have access to emergency contraception. But ladies, at least now there’s a crafty alternative.

Screengrab via Woodrocket