Super sexy gift ideas that prove good things come in small packages

Sexy Gift Ideas Presented by MysteryVibe

There’s no better time to give your partner a sexy gift than the holidays. Despite what you may have been taught to believe, Santa isn’t judging you. He’s actually super sex-positive. I mean, do you hear any other social influencers coining the term “hoe, hoe, hoe” because I don’t! 

But no matter how well-versed you are with sex toys, you’ll soon come to realize that buying them for yourself is much easier than buying them for your S/O. So to help you avoid confusion, I’ve handpicked two adult toys so versatile they’re guaranteed to give your partner what they really want this year (better, fuller orgasms). And lucky for you, both of these vibrating devices are considered to be some of the best sexy gift ideas for couples, so you’ll get something out of it too! 

Unique and sexy gift ideas: Best sex toys for couples

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When we talk about sex toys for couples, there’s a couple of things we need to keep in mind: 

  • Ttype of stimulation you and your partner enjoy.
  • The type of stimulation you and your partner do not enjoy.
  • Type of lube you and/or your partner prefer to use. 

All of these points are important for one simple reason: there’s no one-size-fits-all range for sexual pleasure. So in order to find the right sex toy for your needs, you’ll have to consider not only what you want out of the toy but also what you don’t want.

1) Best sex toy for couples: Crescendo

crescendo waterproof vibrator

Consider Crescendo to be your an all-in-one waterproof vibrator. This baby is capable of prostate, G-spot, clitoral, and nipple stimulation (just to name a few). In addition to its functional versatility, the device itself is completely customizable for everyone’s body parts. Unlike other sex toys for couples, Crescendo can be manipulated however you’d like because MysteryVibe understands that no two bodies are the same. Here’s how it works: turn on Crescendo and use your hands to bend it how you wish. 

The customizable vibrator features six motors, a dozen pre-set vibration patterns, and 16 levels of power. This makes the toy optimal for people just starting to explore their bodies as well as more experienced users with a specific target in mind. The TL;DR here is: Crescendo allows users to discover a range of often ignored pleasure points, which is a big win in my book!

Price: $149.99

2) Best for boyfriend sex toy: Tenuto


Tenuto, on the other hand, is a little less versatile. It’s designed to fit over the shaft of a penis. While Crescendo can be used with any set of genitals, you’ll need at least one penis in the mix to experience Tenuto. 

Like Crescendo, Tenuto has a little give to it. This means you can stretch it to fit it over your girth comfortably. Tenuto features six motors that are intended to stimulate your most receptive trigger points. It also has eight pre-set vibration patterns, and 16 levels of power. 

Price: $199.99

3) Best cheap sex toy: Poco

poco - sexy gift idea

Poco is one of the best sexy gift ideas and also one of the most affordable. The word translates to “little,” but as everyone knows, big things come in small packages.

Not only does Poco fit discreetly in any palm, it’s built to simulate fingers. Bend it to fit your body, no matter the size. Its small but it’s also incredibly accessible. If you’re looking for precise G-Spot stimulation, look no further.

Price: $89.99

These aren’t cheap vibrators or gifts, that’s for sure. But it might ease your mind knowing that both Crescendo and Tenuto are more than just sex toys. They’re smart vibrators, meaning they work in conjunction with a smartphone app that can be used to enhance the user experience. In the app, users are able to create their own vibration patterns, change the order of patterns saved on their device, and even control the toy with their phone as the remote from up to 30 feet away! 

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