Honey Select 2 Libido is coming to Steam—here’s what you need to know

If you know where to look, the internet can offer up plenty of sex simulators. None of them quite add up to Illusion’s Honey Select 2 Libido, a realistic 3D hentai game with a staggeringly robust character creator. Originally released in Japan in 2020, this game has built up a loyal fanbase among Western audiences—even though it lacks an official English translation.

Until now, at least. News of a Steam version of the popular hentai game has fans scrambling for any information they can find on an official English release. Curious yourself? Here’s everything you need to know about Honey Select 2 Libido and its predecessor, Honey Select.

What is Honey Select 2 Libido?

Honey Select 2 Libido is an explicit character creation video game. Like Koikatsu Party, the game provides players with an astonishing number of customization options to craft the perfect waifu. Once you’ve spent hours pouring over every curve on her body and fine-tuning her personality, you can roam around and enjoy a sweeping array of sex animations.

A femdom scene from Honey Select 2 Libido

The game’s setting is straightforward. The woman of your dreams awaits behind the doors of an opulent hotel. There is little need for a complex storyline in a game like this, and Honey Select 2 Libido focuses instead on creation, exploration, and showcasing an impressive collection of interactive erotic scenarios.

What are Honey Select 2 Libido’s gameplay features?

Few games can rival Honey Select 2 Libido when it comes to character customization. This game allows for a genuinely formidable level of alteration with controls that decide everything down to the size, pointiness, angle, and softness of a character’s breasts. Players can also adjust the height, build, or eye shape of a character, as well as her tan lines, pubic hair, and areola puffiness.

And just in case the already impressive range of breast size and perkiness wasn’t quite satisfactory, the HongFire patch features mods that add even more sliders to the character maker. The patch also includes minor but noticeable upgrades to the game, like adding support for high-heeled shoes.

Honey Select 2 Libido - close up creation

Honey Select 2 Libido lets players customize both male and female hotel patrons, though the options for female characters are far more expansive. While you can shape nearly everything about a woman—from the perkiness of her breasts down to the angle of her jawline—you can’t even change up a male character’s penis, as noted by Kotaku’s Gita Jackson. In a game revolving around sex, this may seem like a bit of an oversight, but trailers for the game are clear about its focus on crafting female, rather than male, characters.

Character creation doesn’t start and end at your character’s appearance, either. You’ll have the opportunity to choose from a number of personality presets, like “serious” or “boyish.” Sexual preferences are also customizable, so each new character is unique in small ways. The hotel allows for a maximum of 100 custom characters, so you can spend plenty of hours crafting a diverse set of patrons to interact with.

A BDSM sex scene from Honey Select 2 Libido

Once you’ve worn yourself out in character creation, you’ll be able to enjoy the opulent hotel and all the women you’ve filled it with. Call a girl to your room if you’re looking to get straight to the action, or take a walk through the hotel’s halls and see who you bump into. Events can occur while you’re out and about, offering up additional interaction options in the bathroom, bar, and hotel bedrooms.

What’s new about the game?

Honey Select 2 Libido builds on its predecessor by expanding player options across the game. An assortment of new locations, outfits, sexual positions, and customization options give the sequel a leg up on the original while maintaining its simple and appealing premise.

Honey Select 2 Libido Fur

Honey Select 2 Libido also updated its character creator and studio modes, which streamlines players’ interactions with their new girls. The game features 11 distinct character personalities, though one of them already belongs to Für, the woman who greets players as they enter the hotel. Illusion also made a massive update to fluids giving them a far more realistic and appealing look. Characters can now moisten until they drip, and female characters can squirt. Fluids in general have seen a big improvement, so expect everything from sweat and tears to semen to look far more realistic.

Is it coming to Steam?

Yes, Honey Select 2 Libido is coming to Steam. The Illusion Twitter page confirmed the news on Jan. 8. The tweet doesn’t give a set release date but does note that the company is “currently working on the Steam version” of the game.

It appears Honey Select 2 Libido’s Steam release will also include an official English localization, given Illusion’s announcement is in English.

Until then, how can you play it?

With no specified release date, eager fans aren’t sure how long they’ll wait to get their hands on Honey Select 2 Libido‘s Steam version. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can still play the game.

Players can purchase a copy of the game from Japanese content platform DLsite for around $69.86. However, if you’re hoping to play the game in English rather than Japanese, you’ll have to rely on fan translations for now.

Fan translations

A large-scale human English translation process has been underway at GitHub for months, yielding a partially translated version of Honey Select 2 Libido. The process is ongoing, but the community effort has produced good results.

Honey Select Unlimited - dialogue

There are over 9,000 lines of dialogue scattered throughout the game so the majority of players instead rely on machine translations. Using a machine to translate a game is not the tidiest process, but despite messy phrases and oft-broken language, machine translations at least make the game playable for non-Japanese speakers.

Players can access this with a translation mod, which can be installed to provide automatic translations for your next game. Anyone with the HF Patch already has this mod installed, but if you aren’t operating with the patch, you can download “XUnity.AutoTranslator.”  The translator is one of six base game mods, and you’ll need all six to use it.

For more information, visit Honey Select’s Hgames Wiki page, which details how to find and download mods, patches, and plugins. Any portions of text or dialogue that are untranslated will be filled in courtesy of Google Translate, so you should be privy to some very creative interpretations.

Honey Select Unlimited on Fakku

Options for a full English version of Honey Select 2 Libido are still slim, but there is a fully translated version of the first game available through Fakku for $59.99. Fakku is known for publishing English-language hentai, so it was well prepared for a project like Honey Select.

Honey Select Unlimited - Fakku

Fakku’s version of the game is fully translated, and apart from a few Fakku-themed shirts, it is completely identical to the original. Portions of the game may not be compatible with the wealth of Honey Select mods out there, however, so some players recommend fan translations over the Fakku version.

For more information on mod support for Fakku’s Honey Select Unlimited, visit the official Fakku forums or Reddit’s r/HoneySelect.