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How to build a “How To Build A Sex Room” sex room on a budget

I don’t know about you, but How to Build a Sex Room‘s Melanie Rose is my new favorite Brit. The way she approaches kink and sex in such a casual and everyday manner is delicious. Whether it’s a sultry BDSM dungeon you’re after or something more discreet and romantic, we’ve got you covered with the titillating toys you desire.

Since BDSM is definitely my bag of tricks, let’s get started there first, shall we? Whips, chains, and sex couches—oh my!

How to build a sex room after watching How to Build a Sex Room

1) Under-the-Bed Restraint System (Special Edition)


One of my favorite designs (don’t make me choose!) had to be what I like to call the “Spankin’ Shack.” That bed was to die for, but for us mere mortals who don’t have a Melanie Rose in our lives (or an iron frame bed for that matter), this awesome Under-the-Bed Restraint System will do the trick.

What I like about this system is, it doesn’t matter what size your bed is, it accommodates. Now, if you have an orgy-sized bed, like The Family, you may need something custom-made, but since you probably don’t, this perfect system by Sportsheets will work wonders.

This system features six, adjustable restraint straps, four faux-leather cuffs with buckle closure, and a blindfold. Straps just slip right under your mattress and can be placed on the sides and/or top of your mattress to accommodate your play style. It’s simple to install and can be tucked under the mattress at the end of your session for discretion.

2) Talea Spreader Bar


If you’re ready to take your bondage to the next level, the Talea Spreader Bar is an excellent choice. Pair it with your Under-the-Bed Restraint System cuffs or use it all on its own. The bar can serve as a foam bolster to help prop your partner in all the right positions or use the attached D-rings to clip them into place so they’re sure not to go anywhere until you say so.

There are a total of four D-rings and four snap clips, so attachment possibilities are completely customizable. The Talea Spreader Bar features a removable, faux leather cover that wipes down easily and feels smooth against bare skin.

3) Black Label Esse Sex Couch


If you’ve got the floor space, and the means, the Black Label Esse Sex Couch is a luxury worth indulging in. Liberator knew what they were doing when they created the Esse. The chaise is what’s featured on the show but personally, I prefer this model.

It comes with a mini-scoop to fill in the dip in the middle and make it more like a table, perfect for bending over and getting that spanking. Plus, the mini-scoop is removable, making this couch even more customizable than its chaise counterpart.

The Black Label Esse Sex Couch also features 24 connector points, ensuring any tie-me-up/tie-me-down desire you could possibly have can be fulfilled on this gorgeous piece of furniture. And, the included headrest works on either end of the Esse—so go ahead and use it however you’d like, wherever you’d like. The sky’s the limit.

4) Black Label Ramp


This thing is just sexy, but it’s also useful, which is what we’re looking for! If you’re like me and don’t have a lot of space but still want to get your bondage on, the Black Label Ramp might be just what you need. It features four snap-clip connector points for cuffing your naughty partner, and a 12-inch rise for excellent angling, ergonomic support, and deeper connections. You could even use it off the bed if you’re so inclined. (Wink, wink.)

5) Fascinator Throw


I’ll admit, all that fuzzy, furry, fluffy stuff Melanie was tossing around everywhere gave me agita. I couldn’t help thinking, what happens when lube and sex-related juices get all over that? It’s cute and it feels good, but let’s be practical. That’s where the Fascinator Throw comes in.

They come in lots of colors to match your decor and they’re soft too! But beyond that, they’re waterproof and save your mattress (or better yet, your awesome new sex couch). Plus, it travels well so you can bring it along if you take this S&M show on the road.

6) Cotton Bondage Rope


Whether you’re new to shibari or an old hand, this cotton bondage rope is perfect for you. It’s machine washable (just in case you get lube in it), comes in black and red, and feels great next to your skin. You can use it with any of the D-ring style products we’ve recommended or for Shibari-style rope work. Please be sure to study knotwork before tying your partner and always keep safety shears at hand when using rope. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

7) Plush Seduction Kit


If cuffs are more your scene, this Plush Seduction Kit is what you need. The kit works beautifully with all the items we recommend that have snap clips. Featuring cuffs for wrists and ankles with velcro closures, six cuff connectors, six 20-inch tie-downs, and a blindfold with an adjustable head strap, this kit can be used on its own or paired with any Liberator product for even more customization options. With three colorways to choose from, you’ll be sure to match everything else you’ve chosen for your naughty space.

8) Rainbow Mini Flogger and Bling Flogger


Floggers are lovely impact play items. They’re a great way to get started if you want something that doesn’t sting too much but leaves you feeling like you did something new.

If you were drawn in by the iridescent shimmer of the rainbow flogger during the educational scene of the show, this rainbow mini flogger may be the right fit for you. It’s a mini, with only 19-inch long tails, but it’ll do the trick.

The bling flogger reminds me of the crop Melanie carried around thanks to its cubic zirconia-encrusted handle and its small as well, with the tails only measuring around 8 inches. Both pieces would be great to start out with while you get ready to work up to something bigger.

9) Pure Plug


The bag of tricks wouldn’t be complete without the enjoy pure butt plug. Although most of the couples seemed taken aback by this stainless steel wonder, any sex educator worth their salt knows exactly what this gorgeous item is.

Why stainless steel? You can change the temperature, use any type of lube you prefer without worrying about damaging the material, and the weight is delightful. It’s also easy to clean and sanitize. A note, if you’ve never used stainless steel toys before this is a different creature. You’re likely used to silicone toys that have some give when you insert and remove them. This isn’t going to compress—at all—but that’s part of the pleasure.

10) Unicorn Sex Machine


What sex room would be complete without a sex machine? Okay, probably most of them, but we’re fantasizing here a little, aren’t we?

This simply adorable little Unicorn Sex Machine by Cowgirl is a cutesy take on their original, featuring 2 fun fantasy attachments, so you can engage in penetrative or non-penetrative fun. There’s even a detachable rainbow tail flogger (think Sybian but for Littles). If unicorn designs aren’t quite your thing, there’s always the original Cowgirl, but it doesn’t have a tail and that’s just a hard no for me.

11) Tula Toy Mount


Now that you’ve stopped drooling over the Unicorn Sex Machine (it’s okay, I dream about it all the time) and come back to reality, the Tula Toy Mount is a more affordable way to work out your sex machine frustrations.

Think of the Tula Toy Mount as a DIY machine. Insert your favorite dildo or vibrator in the top pocket, get on it, and ride! It even has a side pocket for standing or sitting positions. The high-density foam supports the body and prevents sinking into a bed, and it also provides a lift for oral and anal positions.

12) Hinged Lid Fabric Bench


I wish we all lived in a world where it was okay to just leave our sex toys lying around like home decor, but alas, we’re not quite there yet. While I don’t think this SONGMICS fabric ottoman will accommodate everything we’ve discussed in this article, it will probably hold a good amount of stuff and keep visitors from asking too many questions. At a bit under four feet long, it will fit at the end of your bed and provide seating for those interlopers until you can either kick them out or invite them to join you, your choice!

In a perfect world, we could all have a sex room meeting our every need a desire, and a Melanie Rose on speed dial to design and outfit it for us. But for those of us who have to live in the real world, hopefully, this list will help you get started on the dungeon/love nest of your dreams so you can begin to make it a reality.