How to find your G-spot (or your partner’s)

It’s a question we’ve been asking ourselves since puberty: where can we find the G-spot?! Does it even exist?

Finding yours or your partner’s G-spot can be a quest in and of itself. Not only can stimulating it make for a much more enjoyable sexual session, but it can also seriously enhance your sex life. It’s known as a place that holds immense pleasure once stimulated but finding it can be tricky if you’re unfamiliar with where to look.

What exactly is the “G-spot”?

The Grafenberg area, also known as the “G-spot,” is a highly erogenous zone found in the vagina. While it’s called a spot, it is actually more of a zone. Extensive research conducted since the 1940s has revealed that when this particular “spot” is stimulated, it can lead to strong sexual arousal, intense orgasms, and ejaculation.

Where is the G-spot located?

Before we dive in deep, it’s best to know what to look out for.

The G-spot is located inside the vagina and along the inner vaginal wall, closest to the belly button. Once stimulated, the feeling can be described as a strong urge to pee, as its location is within the clitoral network. This region may vary from person to person.

Some people have described this area as being firmer or rougher than the rest of the vagina. That’s why we encourage experimentation and exploration. Don’t be shy and don’t have any expectations—sex shouldn’t be stressful. Finding it on the first try can prove to be challenging but don’t give up as the sensation is different for everybody.

Fingers inserting themselves into a grapefruit

How to find your G-spot in three easy steps

If you want to find your G-spot, let us be your guide.

Step One: Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay

First thing first: foreplay matters. It’s a good idea to get yourself or your partner warmed up before any kind of sexual play. Set the mood! Dim the lights down low, put on some candles and soft music. Close your eyes and dream up your favorite fantasy or maybe keep your eyes open and watch your favorite pornography—the choice is yours! Maybe a little squirt of lube might be helpful (and can make things a lot easier!) to slide the fingers or a toy in with ease.

Step Two: Where to find your G-spot

Remember where the G-spot is located in the upper vaginal wall and close to the belly button. With that in mind, try inserting your fingers (we recommended two!) into your vagina with a “come hither motion”, and curve your fingers upwards with pressure directed nearest to your belly button. 

If you are using a toy, we’d recommend using G-spot-specific toys or ones with a curved spine to fully maximize the reach up to that inner vaginal walk.

mysteryvibe poco, held in the hands of a couple

Step Three: Be patient, explore, and have fun

If you’ve found it, great! Continue here to help stimulate this area even further with a rocking motion, creating pressure along this zone. You might feel yourself or your partner getting hotter, breathing heavier, or getting wetter—all great signs that you’re in the right place!

Don’t worry if you can’t immediately find it. Know that this takes a bit of practice to get it quite right. This is a great opportunity to get to know your own or your partner’s body and to become well-acquainted with it. 

It’s also good to note that some people might not ever get the chance to know what stimulating their G-spot feels like and that’s okay too. Some people experience sex without ever having had their G-spot stimulated which does not lessen the quality of your sexual experience at all.

Some of our favorite sex toys to help find your G-spot

For those who want to include their partner in some playtime: Mystery Vibe’s Poco

Poco by mystery vibe bending in someone's hands

This super bendy vibrator fits in the palm of your hand for those who are craving some discreet fun. It’s ideal to use Mystery Vibe’s Poco with a partner to really enhance the overall sexual experience in the bedroom, on vacation, or even in the shower. It’s the world’s only bendable G-spot vibrator. The Paco mimics how your fingers stimulate all the right spots and sensations in a fail-proof way.

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For those looking for a tried and true option to find your G-spot: LELO’s GIGI 2

the lelo gigi 2 vibrator

There is a reason this is a global bestseller. LELO takes pride in making the ultimate sex toy and LeLo’s GIGI™2 is no exception. The flat top is key to stimulating and accessing the G-spot and may also be used as a clitoral massager as well. Featuring super-soft silicon, a waterproof base, an extra long-lasting charge, and 8 different sets of vibrations, it’ll be hard to crawl out of bed after a session with this vibrator.

Price: $199.00

For explosive orgasms and intensity: Ella Paradis’ Better Love G-spot Hero Vibrator

ella paradis g spot vibrator

Looking for some excitement? Ella Paradis’ Better Love G-spot Hero Vibrator just might rock your world. With 10 different speed modes and an extra-soft silicone head, this makes accessing your G-spot so much more enjoyable. With less work and more play, this waterproof and phthalate-free vibrator is sure to unlock some powerful orgasms you didn’t know you had in you!

Price: $215.99