Here’s the secret to having multiple orgasms

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There’s a myth that all women can have multiple orgasms during sex, and for the most part, it’s just that–a myth. However, for some people, it is actually possible–and we’ll tell you how to gain access to them yourself. 

According to the International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM), multiple orgasms do exist–they’re not just another misinformed high school sex ed factoid. However, as you can already guess, not all people have them.

Multiple orgasms or climaxing more than once during a single period of sexual activity is more prevalent among people with clitorises, but even then only 15% of cisgender women report having them. Even fewer cismen say they’ve experienced it. Why the numbers are so low is still under investigation, but it could be related to the fact that the majority of the population is still largely misinformed about what the experience feels like. This is subjective to each person’s experience, but typically a multiple orgasm is a strong climax followed by less intense ones. Some people report “down time” in between each orgasm, while others had a more sequential experience

That said, this is just one of the many types of orgasm people can experience. If you find yourself unable to unlock this version, I encourage you to explore other forms of pleasure. 

How to have multiple orgasms

Although it’s uncommon for someone with a penis to experience multiple orgasms because of their longer refractory period, it’s not completely impossible. Some ways to trigger it are tied to avoiding ejaculation for an extended period of time, taking psychostimulant drugs, switching partners during sex, or using sex toys–like the HUGO by LELO, a P-spot anal vibrator designed with dual motors and six modes to provide simultaneous internal and external stimulation. It’s completely waterproof, so exploring your most private areas can be done discreetly in the shower, and you can find it in three colors on the LELO site for $219

multiple orgasms

Since science is still playing catch-up with female biology, it may be some time before we get a solid physiological answer as to why some people with vaginas are capable of having multiple orgasms and others aren’t. But for now, scientists are leaning toward mental and relationship factors. Turns out, the secret to having multiple orgasms is being comfortable having sex (either with someone or solo) and stimulating the right areas of pleasure. 

A combination of mindful masturbation, communicating your needs to partners, and employing sex toys are excellent ways to welcome the possibility of multiple orgasms. Masturbation has a huge range of proven benefits. The three relevant to achieving multiple orgasms are heightened self-esteem, body positivity, and sexual confidence. Mindful masturbation is the practice of detaching yourself from the outside world and putting the spotlight on your senses. By focusing on touch and your reaction to it, you’ll become more in tune with your body and able to pinpoint your exact areas of pleasure–all of which makes communicating your needs with partners much easier. Masturbation also helps normalize the time it takes to become aroused–which according to medical professionals, can take longer for people with vaginas than those with penises. (Pro tip: don’t discount the importance of foreplay, regardless of relationship dynamics!). 

How we think before, during, and after sex is also a key. The presence of negative thoughts during sexual activity significantly and negatively affected the subject’s ability to orgasm, a study by the University of Porto reports. Alternately, positive self-talk significantly predicted orgasm in ciswomen. These findings are supported by a Valparaiso University study which determined that not being properly aroused led to distress, which also negatively affects orgasm outcome. In other words, if you hyperfocus on climaxing, have sex-related anxiety, or you’re not sufficiently aroused, you’re less likely to orgasm than those who are in self-assured and in a more pleasure-stimulating environment. And if you can’t have one, how can you hope to have two or three?

Recommended sex toys 

As amazing as your hands and fingers can be, manually masturbating or stimulating yourself during sex can get tiresome (not to mention a bit complicated depending on your position). That’s where sex toys come in–these handy little tools are able to hit all your points of pleasure (and they do so without complaint). 

To help you find the right adult toy for your needs, we’ve detailed some of the most popular styles of vibrators and their best uses. 

SONA Cruise

multiple orgasms

Best for: Clitoral stimulation

LELO’s SONA Cruise uses sonic waves and pulses to stimulate the entire clitoris, not just the external part you can see and touch so you can begin to understand your anatomy on a deeper, more intimate level.  Additional perks: It’s waterproof, features eight vibration settings, and recharges via USB.

Price: $99 (regularly $179)



multiple orgasms

Best for: G-spot stimulation

Unlike many other personal massagers, the GIGI 2 features a flattened tip. But the unusual design is what makes it one of the world’s bestselling vibrators. It’s like the ultimate two-for-one sex toy. In addition to being able to use it internally (and really reach your uterine wall), the flat tip makes for an ideal clit vibe. This allows users to fully explore their bodies with the sensations they love. The GIGI 2 is also 100% waterproof and rechargeable via USB.

Price: $139


INA Wave

multiple orgasms

Best for: A-spot and G-spot stimulation

LELO’s first dual-action vibrator, the INA Wave vibrates while forming full curls from tip to tip, fully exploring the “rising and falling” sensation of being penetrated. This “come hither” motion is ideal for reaching hard to reach places–like the A-spot (which is ever-so-inconveniently tucked away in front of the cervix). But because of its more advanced design, it’s recommended for more savvy sex toy users. 

Price: $199


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