The best toys to make yourself squirt


What is squirting?

Despite years of debate, and countless hours of exaggerated shrieking in porn, squirting is still a hotly contested topic. Generally speaking, most sexual and reproductive health experts agree that squirting refers to a clear, watery fluid expelled from the urethra after stimulation of the G-spot and/or clitoris. 

It’s a common misconception that squirting is just another name for female ejaculation, but there is a visible and chemical difference between the two resulting fluids. Female ejaculate is characterized by a thicker, whitish fluid that is similar in appearance to semen—without the presence of sperm.

While pornography would have you believe squirting is always a screaming, toe-curling affair that results in bucketloads of projectile liquid, the honest truth is that it varies from person to person. For some people, it’s a mild sensation that follows a pleasant orgasm. For others, it’s a vaguely uncomfortable sensation, similar to an overfull bladder. And for some, it is a film-worthy performance that requires several towels and plastic sheeting.

Can anyone learn how to squirt?

There’s no real consensus as to whether or not everyone with the right anatomy can squirt. Studies on the matter estimate that anywhere from 10% to 50% of people with a vulva can make it happen.

Squirting anatomy 101

There’s also no consensus on what the G-spot—a key component of the squirting process—is or what purpose it serves. Some scientists and researchers believe that the G-spot is the anatomical root of the clitoris, making both spots important players in the pursuit of an orgasm. Others argue that not everyone can achieve orgasm through direct stimulation of either spot. Like all the best parts of sex—partnered or solo—the best way to figure out what you like is to experiment.

The clitoris

The clitoris is a small bundle of nerves, covered by a little hood (aptly named the clitoral hood) at the top of the vulva. For some people, direct stimulation of the clitoris is the only way they can achieve any kind of orgasm. But for others, direct contact can be painful, especially for an extended period of time. Before setting out on any sexual journeys, you should figure out what works best for you—whether that’s working with fingers alone, vibrating toys, or any combination. 

The G-spot

The G-spot, located an inch or two inside the vaginal canal on the upper wall, is a small patch of spongy flesh that can feel raised or textured when running your finger over it. Depending on your flexibility, comfort level, and finger length, you can usually find this spot for yourself with clean hands. 

It can help the search if you’re already aroused as this increases blood flow to the spot and makes it more prominent. Experts generally agree that moving your fingers (or your partner’s fingers) in a curled “come hither” motion is more successful than the standard in-and-out motion.

How to squirt

Whether you’re working with a partner or going it alone, it’s important to understand the role anatomy plays in squirting. I can’t recommend Dr. Jennifer Gunter’s book The Vagina Bible, enough—even if it’s just to skim the diagrams. (It’s also free to read with Kindle Unlimited!) The most important parts are identifying the clitoris and the G-spot.

It can be difficult to find the G-spot on the first few tries so be sure to experiment with different positions. If you’re working with a partner, doggy style is the preferred position because it allows them to achieve deeper penetration. 

If you’re working alone, lying flat on your back, raising your legs, and tilting your pelvis up can help if you’re having trouble getting the right angle. Whatever position you choose, keeping your legs closed throughout increases friction and can help with achieving an orgasm.

Because the goal is to create a splash zone, it’s helpful to lay out old towels and keep a toy cleaner on hand. As always, make sure to keep plenty of water-based lube nearby and keep an open mind. After all, sexy times should be fun times.

The best toys to help you squirt

1) Lovehoney Liberator Pillow

lovehoney liberator pillow

The Lovehoney Liberator Pillow is a great option to get the best angle for penetration from behind as it supports your hips or neck for marathon sessions. It even has a mount for toys if you’re setting out solo. The removable, microfiber case is machine washable, making cleanup a breeze.

2) LELO Smart Wand

lelo smart wand

The LELO Smart Wand is a no-brainer investment for anyone that needs clitoral stimulation to reach the Big O. With waterproofing, 10 different massage options, an ergonomic handle, and longer battery life than its predecessor, it’s a great option for longer exploration sessions.

3) Adorime 2-in-1 Vibrator

adorime 2-in-1 vibrator

The Adorime 2-in-1 Vibrator from Amazon is one of my personal favorites for simultaneous clitoral and G-spot stimulation. It’s a budget-friendly, waterproof, and rechargeable option for anyone looking to get a little more adventurous. The included remote allows for true creativity with positions.

4) Mystery Vibe Crescendo 2

mystery vibe crescendo 2

The Mystery Vibe Crescendo 2 is a great option for direct G-spot stimulation. The flexible design gives you unparalleled control over where the vibrating headlands and the smart app makes it a breeze to switch it up from any position.

5) Better Love Stella

better love stella

The Better Love Stella from Ella Pardis is one of the best options if you need direct and prolonged clitoral stimulation. Because this toy combines a flicking tongue sensation with 360 degrees of vibrating silicone stimulation, it leaves no part of the clitoris untouched.

Happy squirting!