How to find out if your man has an OnlyFans: Hack works, then backfires, then sparks debate

A TikTok video detailing how users can find out if their partners have an OnlyFans account has sparked debate and even backfired on some of those who tried out the so-called hack.

In a video uploaded last week, TikTok user Kelsimade explained how users could determine whether their partners were secretly viewing adult content by checking whether their emails had been registered on OnlyFans.

“How to find out if your partner has an OF account,” the video’s caption says. “Sign up for an OF account using their email. If you’re able to create a new accounts, congrats they don’t have one. If you get an error message that the email is already in use… find u a new man.”

@kelsimade Also use this life hack to screen ur potential new man #cornaddiction #cornaddicts #cheatersgetcaught #throwthewholemanaway ♬ about damn time x promiscuous – Adam Wright

The video, which has been viewed more than 245,000 times, comes just days after the TikToker allegedly discovered that her partner had been spending “thousands of dollars” on OnlyFans while she was busy taking care of their newborn child. That allegation was made in a video with more than 400,000 views.

But the comment section of Kelsimade’s latest viral video shows a wide array of reactions to the technique, which appeared to create even bigger problems for some.

A handful of users claimed that the trick did allow them to find that their partners had accounts on OnlyFans.

“Nah…. It’s registered,” one user wrote. “Time to breakup lmfao.”

Others alleged that previous partners had used secret emails in order to hide their accounts.

“Mine did it under a secret email so don’t trust him either way queens,” the user stated.

Yet one user quickly noted that the technique would result in their partners being signed up for OnlyFans if they didn’t already have an account.

“If they don’t have an account already, doing that will create one,” a top comment said. “And they’ll get a notification sent to their e-mail. Just an FYI.”

But not all users saw the warning before attempting to check their partners’ emails.

“Well, my man didn’t have one,” one user stated. “Now he does.”

“Okay well I should have read the comments 1st!” another added. “It created an account and my bf called me immediately.”

Many in the comments were quick to criticize users who were now attempting to back peddle from their decision.

“These comments of girls creating their mans account and now trying to get out of it,” one user quipped.

The hack even appeared to cause some users stress regarding their partners.

“I swear tiktok is making me go crazy,” another user stated.

Numerous users, however, argued that such actions were toxic to a healthy relationship.

“Or, you know, have an honest conversation? if you feel the need to do that you should just break up bc it’s already toxic and secretive,” one TikToker said.

Despite some backlash, Kelsimade is defending her video by arguing that the hack helps shed light on potential issues in relationships.

The Daily Dot reached out to Kelsimade for comment but did not hear back by press time.