A little pinch of joy: How to choose and use nipple clamps

If this is your first time buying nipple clamps or nipple sucking toys, it can be a real struggle to choose the right twinge for your tiddies. You’re here because your nips like sensation, but how does that translate to buying nipple clips, vibrating nipple clamps, and other nip-related sex toys online? 

Thankfully, we’ve picked up a few tricks to choosing the right ones for you – and all you have to do is get to know your knippies! Are you planning to leash those puppies up for some BDSM playtime? Wear something pretty and prance around the house? Maybe you just wanna gently show them a little extra love.

Whatever you’re into, there’s a nipple clamp out there for you.

So what makes your nipples feel good?

What makes nipple clamps, clips, and toys so sensational?

Nipples are one (or two) of the body’s erogenous zones, a spot on the body that’s chock full of nerve endings. Areas like the neck, earlobe, scalp, or feet are likely places you’ve been touched and thought “vroom-vroom!” 

That’s because playing with them lights up the same parts of your brain as playing with your genitals. A small percentage of people can even experience nipple orgasms!

And that’s not all your nipples can do to your brain! Nipple play produces oxytocin, which is shown to increase trust and affection. Oxytocin is best known as “the love hormone,” and it’s what elevates a fun, sexy time into an intimate, passionate experience.

How can clamps and nipple toys help?

Whether you’re playing alone or with a partner, hands and mouths can only do so much. A toy can provide you with a feeling that’s similar to what you know, but a little different

Plus, you’ve only got so many hands. Sometimes you need them to stimulate other areas of the body! But that shouldn’t mean you have to leave your nips out in the cold.

Using regular and vibrating nipple clamps can make happy things happen to your brain!

How to use nipple clamps, clips, and other nifty nipple gear

First things first: you’ve gotta find your nipple nub. To do this, grab your nipple between your thumb and your forefinger with your palm facing your chest. Pinch a little and until your nipple is hard and you can feel it form into a nub.

If this is your first time using a nipple clip and you’re feeling trepidatious, you test your clamp’s grab-factor first. Try clamping it onto the “web” of skin that stretches between your thumb and forefinger. The sensitive skin of your hand will prepare you for the clip’s tightness and allow you to make beginning adjustments.

A pair of nipple clips with bells

Once you’re ready to clamp, you’ll fasten the toy around the skin just behind the nipple nub. While you’re wearing your clamp, pay attention to the color of your nipples––if they start to change color or feel numb, it’s time to let those babies breathe. 

How long can you wear nipple clamps?

As a general rule, clamps should only be used for about 10 minutes at a time, as otherwise, you could experience unwanted bruising or soreness. Remember: clamping them titty-toppers isn’t the only fun part. Once clamps are removed, the nipples get extra sensitive as blood rushes back to the skin.

How to choose the best nipple clamps for your body

Sliding Tension Clamps

vibrator and nipple clips

Design | These clips are most often shaped like a pair of tweezers. In this style, there’s a band or metal ring at the base of the closed end. Once you’ve placed the open end around your nipple, slide the ring upward to increase tension.

The Good | These provide a highly adjustable pinch, and the sliding bar means you can adjust at a gradient, so it’s fun for some cheeky partner play.

The Bad | These can be difficult or time-consuming if you’re playing alone or you have limited dexterity, and if not applied securely, they will fall off.

The Bite: Hinged Clips

Hinge-style nipple clamps

Design | Hinged clamps are built like small pliers, alligator clamps, or even just your basic clothespins. Adjustable hinge clamps have a thumbscrew that allows you to add or release pressure.

The Good | Like a clothespin, they stay on once they’re on (as long as you stay still, of course).

The Bad | Even if you’ve got them on the loosest setting, these clamps can be too grabby for sensitive nipples.

The Suck: Nipple Sucking Toys

Nipple sucking toys

Design | Nipple sucking toys also draw blood into the nipples, which makes them more sensitive. Some designs require that you just squeeze a rubber bulb, while others function like small pumps, vacuuming air out and pulling the nipple in. 

Because their whole gig relies on suction, using a little water-based lube around your nipples or the inside of the toy can be really helpful in getting a good grip.

The Good | These toys can be great for beginners or sensitive nipples. Nipple sucking toys can help nipples get big and hard, which sometimes makes it easier to apply a clamp. They’re low intensity, consistent sensation, and easy to clamp and remove.

The Bad | Sometimes they pop off. And the suction you get is typically the suction you’re stuck with.

Magnetic, claw, butterfly, and other nipple clamps

There are plenty of other creative designs for clips and clamps, and each offers varying levels of pinch, adjustability, and design. In general, when you’re looking at an unusually-designed clamp, read user reviews to get a better idea of how well they work. We’ve included a few well-reviewed designs below to get you started.

The 3 best nipple sucking toys we love the most

1. Lovehoney Colourplay Nipple Suckers

Lovehoney color change nipple sucking toys

They’re l’il, they’re cute, and they change colors as your body temperature goes up! With a low suction intensity, these fun and functional nipple sucking toys are great for beginners. 

Plus, they’re made from easy-to-clean silicone and come in at just under $20 for a pair. They also come in black if you’re not into the fancy color-change style.

2. Twist-Up Nipple & Clit Suction Devices

Twist-tube nipple sucking toys in white

These screwy little knick-knacks are great for minis, innies, and nipple-nubs under 0.75” in diameter. They’re pretty user-friendly, too: just a dab of lube will help you seal the tube. Once sealed, just give ‘em a twist, a flick of wrist, and they’ll gradually start to pull! 

While highly effective, these nipple-sucking toys aren’t exactly dainty. They protrude 4” in. from the base, so walking around while wearing them can be awkward. Unless your kink aesthetic involves syringes and medfet, don’t expect these to be pretty.

3. Nipple Pump Set by Basics

Nipple pump set

Nipple sucking toys are made for both feeling and function. Once you’ve used the suction bulb to draw your nipples into the tube, move the “o” ring around the nipple and release the pump. The ring will hold on to your nipple bud to keep that baby on high alert until you’re ready to remove it.

The Basic pump is great for coaxing shy, innie nipples to come out and join the fun. But before you buy, make sure to dot your i’s and measure your t’s.

The pumps come in two sizes: 0.3” and 0.5”. Be sure you measure your nipple nub so you don’t end up buying a pump that doesn’t fit.

Our favorite sliding tension nipple clamps

1. ‘The Pinch’ Adjustable Metal Nipple Clamps

50 Shades of Grey adult clips

Any real BDSMer will tell you that 50 Shades of Grey is intensely problematic. Whether you loved or loathed the series, Lovehoney’s author-approved line of sex toys is worth your consideration. These nipple clamps are ideal for beginners; the rubber ends allow for comfort as you gradually increase the clamp’s squeeze. 

Two simple, chic dangling ornaments give them a jewelry-like appearance, so you may enjoy wearing them for more than just the sensation. If you’re feeling really fancy, you can even try the same design with a chain.

2. Master Series Nipple Clamps with Bells

clamps with bells on them

Ring bell for service! These rubber-tipped adjustable clamps will make you ring-a-ding-ding everywhere you go. The ring is quiet, so if you’re trying to play discreetly, these deliver the perfect little tinkling.

3. Gold Nipple & Clit Clamp with Body Chain by Unbound Babes

Body chain with nipple and clit clamp from Unbound Babes

Is it a chic body chain or a triple-threat clamp? If you wore it with a midriff-baring outfit, no one would know the difference. 

You can choose from a 14”, 15”, or 16” removable chain (depending on how long your torso is), and the chain that leads to the clit clamp is easily removable. All three clamps are adjustable, and the tweezer style means it’s easy for beginners.

4. The Abacus Double-Bar Pincher by Master Series

Abacus double bar pincher

This neat little doohickey allows for tension adjustments on either end, which gives it a stronger pinch and a more secure fit. The design also adds a unique pulling feature (imagine putting one on and then rocking the ends back and forth).

The Abacus design features elastic bands wrapped around two rods. As you slide the bands toward the center, the pressure on the rods increases. The Abacus Pincher is that it can also be used in other places! You can fit the bars around the clit, labia, or frenulum.

Under the $20 mark and good quality is a rare find in the sex toy world. But be aware that this is a single pincher! If you want a set, you’ll have to buy two or more.

The best hinged nipple clips online

1. A set of basic hinged nipple clamps for beginners

4 sets of beginners nipple clamps

This set of adjustable starter clamps has the basic bells and whistles– well, bells anyway. There’s also a chained pair and a pair with rings for adding interlocking weights or any other DIY dangles or charms. Each pair has rubber-coated tips and a thumbscrew for easy adjustment.

2. The Keys to My Heart nipple clamps

Key to my heart nipple clips

Say ‘I love you’ from somewhere close to the heart with these sweet little nipple clips. Whether they’re for a partner to wear or for your own nips, these clamps make a great gift.

3. Pink Pom-Pom nipple clamps

pink pompom nipple toys

Feeling playful? These precious little poofs can be fun aesthetically, but also the softness of the puff could feel really lovely, particularly on a nipple that’s just been released from a clamp.

4. Master Series Nipple Clamp with Cock Ring

Nipple clip and cockring set by Master Series

Maybe you’re looking to interlock all the sticky-outie bits, try this cock ring combo! Don’t worry about the fit– the stainless steel ring can be easily removed and replaced with a different size, and the bottom half of the set is detachable if you’re not always in the mood for a full-body experience.

5. Tom of Finland’s Stainless Steel Nipple Clips

Tom of Finland’s Stainless Steel Nipple Clips

If you’re looking for nipple and body clamps that just ooze Daddy-aesthetic, you already know that Tom of Finland is a name you can trust. With a look to die for, these chic, stainless steel clips are non-adjustable. The clip you get may be unforgiving, but it’s perfect for some pain and punishment fun.

6. Nipple clips with Open-Mouth Gag

Nipple clips with Open-Mouth Gag

Open-mouth gags are a personal favorite. Sometimes you just want (your sub) to shut up– but not shut their mouth. Warning: if spit isn’t your thing, you may want to try nipple clips with a breathable gag instead.

Our favorite vibrating nipple clamps

1. Vibrating Nipple Clamps with Remote by UTIMI

UTIMI vibrating clamps with a remote

These adjustable buzzer clips each have a soft silicone cover that makes them great for sensitive skin and nips. It comes with a remote control for you or a partner to handle, and 10 vibration modes to choose from.

The downside? It’s battery operated, and the remote is corded. But hey, at least you don’t have to hand-crank it! And at just over $20, they’re gentle on your nips and your wallet.

2. Fifty Shades Soft Adjustable Vibrating Clamps

Lovehoney vibrating clamps

Lovehoney’s 50 Shades line also makes a set of vibrating nipple clamps! These clips are ideal for someone with outie nipples with a high sensitivity level. 

These clips apply far less pressure when they’re tightened, but the bullet-vibrators at the end make them bottom-heavy, so they can come loose if you’re moving around too much.

Our favorite nipple clamps with creative designs

1. Magnetic nipple clamps

Magnetic nipple clamps

With a good magnet, magnetic clips are the most secure, so feel free to bounce and flip around as much as you want. They provide a constant, high-intensity pinch that you can apply and remove without help. Be careful putting them on, they tend to snap together (the way magnets do).

2. Butterfly-style nipple clips

Butterfly-style clips

Butterfly clamps are for the hardcore nips out there. They have an intense grip and do not adjust. If pulled on, they bear down harder. Great for desensitized nips and pain play, you can really up the slow torture factor if you combine it with a slow pulling device.

3. Forceps with a rubber end

Forceps with a rubber end

While these forceps are technically sold as dental supplies, it’s clear from the reviews that customers are finding other creative uses for them. 

Whether you’re into a medical roleplay scenario or you just love the idea of your partner manually giving your teets a tweek, the soft rubber nubbies are sure to give your nipple the tickle it deserves.

4. Spade thumbscrew nipple clamps with chain

Spade thumbscrew clamps with chain

Highly-decorative and guaranteed to steal hearts, these clamps fit around your nipple nub and a partner tightens the screws until you find the right fit. 

Obviously these are a little time-consuming to apply, but there’s nothing wrong with taking your time. They’re best for outie nipples, and they also come in a clover shape.

5. Claw Nipple Clamps

Claw Nipple Clamps

Beware the claw! No, really, these little grabby-guys have four tines that fit around the nipple nub, and when tightened, they dig in. These provide less of a clamp and more of an intense pricking sensation, and can be pulled for extra intensity.