These young Indian women defy conventions and talk about masturbation

Masturbation is just one of those things you’re not supposed to talk about in public, like religion or money or abortion or why the water in the bathroom sink is so much colder than the water in the kitchen sink. But earlier this week, the folks at the Indian YouTube channel Nisheeth TV took to the streets of New Delhi to ask ladies what they think about partaking in a little healthy bean-flicking. And their candor was pleasantly surprising, to say the least.

“Yes, we do. Everybody does,” one girl said.

“It’s a basic human need. It’s very natural,” her friend chimed in.


Some girls giggled at the question.


But most were refreshingly honest and straightforward. “It was amazing,” one girl said when the filmmakers asked her what her first time was like. “It felt really good.” Another girl mentions feeling a little “scared.”


Is it common for young women in India to be so frank about their self-pleasure habits? Not at all, a representative for Nisheeth TV told Mic. “This openness in pride in sexuality is not at all common for young women in Delhi,” the rep said. “They are afraid, feel shy, and consider it a taboo, talking about self-pleasure. That’s why we had to approach hundreds of women to find these bunch of women who agreed to talk to us with this openness.”

Well, we’re glad they did. Here’s to you for combatting the masturbation stigma, Nisheeth TV, and here’s to you, ladies, for being brave enough to help them. Hopefully one day, it won’t be so difficult to find women who are unafraid to talk openly and honestly about something that every human being does when they’re alone.

H/T Mic | Screengrab via NisheethTV/YouTube