You too can now crowdfund the sex toy of your dreams

Sometimes the best time to find the perfect sex toy is before it’s been made.

Noticing the popularity of its online fundraising campaigns for sex-enhancing products, Indiegogo recently launched a new curated collection called Indiegogo After Dark

The collection features 15 of the leading campaigns funded by users who want to see sex toy innovations moved forward. The new collection features what the company calls “Private projects funded publicly, from sexual wellness to adult themes.”

Some of the campaigns have raised nearly a million dollars, with products ranging from hands-free clitoral vibrators to virtual reality-linked “strokers” for people with penises.

Despite the seemingly hidden nature of the After Dark collection—neither “After Dark” nor “sex” are listed among the various campaign areas on Indiegogo—the offerings on the page are exciting indeed. Though only the top-grossing campaigns are currently listed, more are sure to be added as the field of teledildonics (networked sex toy technology) grows at a rapid pace.

Here are the top five money-makers from the new Indiegogo After Dark collection. Together, they’ve raised well over a million dollars.

1) Eva

Billed as the “first truly wearable couple’s vibrator,” the Eva is built to softly grasp the clitoris and labia in order to stay in place without being held—especially useful during penetrative sex. The campaign was ridiculously successful, raising $831,597—over 1,000 percent of what the designers had expected.

2) Autoblow 2 

The second generation of this robotic blowjob machine was billed as a “massage chair for your penis.” Creator Brian Sloan told the Daily Dot in a 2014 interview that he “wanted something built like an appliance” rather than a mere toy. Apparently, he wasn’t alone in his dream of the perfect blowjob machine: The Autoblow 2 received $335,424 in funds from Indiegogo users.

3) Revel Body 

Every Indiegogo funder loves a brand-new innovation, and the Revel Body caught users’ attention with its sonic vibrator model. Rather than relying on battery-powered vibration motors, the company behind Revel Body created a sex toy that uses the same kind of sonic resonating motor used in some electric toothbrushes—resulting in 90 percent less noise than traditional motors. Sex toy fans were excited enough to throw down $163,283 for the scientific advancement.

4) eJaculator 

The second most-funded stroker from the After Dark collection excited consumers with its promise to pair the device’s sensations with virtual reality porn viewable through a linked headset. So basically, what you see is what you feel. Funders were psyched enough to contribute $139,587 on Indiegogo, and the product is estimated to start shipping this very month.

5) Remoji

Inspired by video games, Remoji takes the connected vibrator app to a new level with a game-like control interface. The already-popular sex toy company PicoBong designed the app in order to be more discreet than the sex-toy-paired apps currently on the market—with the idea being that you can play the “game” on a crowded subway or in a restaurant, with no one realizing you’re powering your partner’s sex toy from afar. Remoji closed out with $133,484 in May, offering four different toys for every kind of genitalia.