IndiePornRevolution is as inclusive and artful as adult entertainment gets

If you’re in need of an indie queer porn site that showcases alt, gay, lesbian, trans, kink, and diverse bodies and is shot by someone of the same demographics, you should head to IndiePornRevolution. This smut paradise (formerly known only as NoFauxxx) was founded in 2002 by Courtney Trouble, a queer performer and filmmaker, and is the longest-running queer porn site on the internet.

What is so valuable about IndiePornRevolution is that it produces and features ethical feminist porn. If this is a new phrase to you, ethical feminist porn essentially means that the content is shot with performers’ rights and boundaries on the center stage. Ethical porn is wildly inclusive, not taking gender, size, race, or any other “preference” into consideration when choosing its models, and relies on safe and consensual sex. IndiePornRevolution, like many other ethical porn sites, is dedicated to uplifting marginalized communities and helping performers and viewers to reclaim their sexual identities, which are usually fetishized in male-dominated porn.

While many of these marginalized groups are usually portrayed in completely unrealistic and usually demeaning narratives, their related search terms consistently rank among the highest and most popular in porn. An example of this is the “lesbian” category on PornHub. It has been ranked as the number one search made by females since 2014. However, a quick run through its library will produce unrelated titles like “Lesbians Humping in Adidas Track Pants,” “Girl Receives Big Cock and Quickly Finishes,” and “Lesbian Teens Play With Their Perfect Bodies.” This is nothing more than fetishization and exploitation of people who are LGBTQ or belong to other marginalized groups. Producing content that is so clearly not for a specific population (yet still clearly about them) is harmful.

However, there is a solution–and Courtney Trouble’s porn site has already implemented it. To address this bad porn take, offer opportunities for people within marginalized communities to make their own porn how they see fit. Inclusivity and fetishization are mutually exclusive, and with one visit to, you’ll understand what I mean and how these two concepts differ.

What is IndiePornRevolution?


IndiePornRevolution is a diverse and inclusive ethical adult entertainment site and the longest running queer porn site to date. While a common misconception about IndiePornRevolution is that it only produces queer porn, the site is based on all-inclusive casting. So yes, that means you can find straight, lesbian, gay, queer, trans and bisexual couple porn, group sex–– you name the niche and there’s a beautiful representation of it on the site.

Another thing I love about IndiePornRevolution has to do with its values and morals. The company is committed to protecting its performers and promoting a positive work environment. It has a no-tolerance policy on disrespect or abuse aimed at any of its performers, filmmakers, or cast members. This means when users choose to view content on, they’re helping keep the industry accountable by saying “this is the kind of porn I will support and want to see more of.”

IndiePornRevolution cost

Staying true to its mission statement of accessible and financially-friendly content, aspiring IndiePornRevolution viewers will be happy to know that the site offers 78 titles for purchase without a membership! So if a month-to-month subscription isn’t in the cards for you, at least you can browse a hefty selection of ethically-produced adult entertainment for a one time fee. For those looking to become members of the site, IndiePornRevolution offers a 10-day trial membership for just $10 dollars. 

IndiePornRevolution membership benefits

Access to an exclusive library of videos and photos

While IndiePornRevolution does allow visitors to view photo sets on its site for free, if you want to unlock more than just an HD video trailer or steamy erotica, you’ll have to pay for it. But believe us when we say its worth it. From niche porn scenes to incredibly detailed plots, IndiePornRevolution is bringing sexy storytelling to a screen near you.

True representation


IndiePornRevolution has one of the most diverse casts and crews in the industry. All the content on site is either female-directed porn created with a diverse crew. Users will find models and performers of all races, subcultures, body types, genders, and sexual orientations engaging in all sorts of porn. IndiePornRevolution truly allows its performers and filmmakers to break through the confinements of mainstream porn and redefine it for themselves. 

Enjoy live sex shows

Members get exclusive access to Cum and Glitter’s live sex shows once per season. “Co-founded and directed by Maxine Holloway, Ava Solonas, Kitty Stryker, Bianca Stone, and others, Cum and Glitter puts on explicit, erotic, esoteric live sex shows once a season…featuring a revolutionary collective of sex workers, artists, and porn stars in the Bay Area.” And don’t worry about missing out on any of the past shows, because members will be able to view and enjoy over 40 HD works of art.

Clear mission statement

If knowing exactly what standards your porn site complies with is important to you, then a membership to IndiePornRevolution should be a no-brainer. Under the “more” tab on the homepage, you can read the IndiePornRevolution mission statement for yourself. It details exactly what the site stands for, what kind of content it produces, the performers it casts, what will and will not be tolerated and everything else that goes on behind the scenes. Little things like this should be the norm, so you know everything you need to and still feel good about the porn you’re watching.

IndiePornRevolution cons

Poor site navigation

There are so many things to see and do on and none of it is as easy to find as it should be. While site design and navigation has nothing to do with the quality of the content, it can hamper the overall experience. If you want to participate in or read the IndiePornRevolution newsletter, the early Myspace website layout can be a bit confusing and messy. For example, the sidebar menu might have up to three tabs showing the words, or some variation of the words “New Release” so in order to understand what is behind the tabs, you must click into each one. Nothing a little exploration or quick revamp can’t fix! 

Is IndiePornRevolution worth it? 


All in all, IndiePornRevolution is 100% worth it. It’s hard to find another site, especially for this price, that rivals it in transparency, morals, practices, and content. If you are on the hunt for great ethically made porn then there is really nowhere else you should be.

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