Porn star Jenna Jameson just got 4chan to do her dirty work for her

Porn star Jenna Jameson spent Friday night on 4chan asking for help in tracking down an ex-assistant who had messed with her social media profiles.

Jameson asked 4chan’s most notorious imageboard /b/, known for its raidsvote rigging, and justice seeking, to find the assistant who had accessed her social media accounts and deleted her photos. (Click to enlarge.)


Despite /b/’s penchant for believing everything they read, the community put the 39-year-old through her paces before they helped her.

/b/ asked her to do the popular “Tits or GTFO (“get the f**k out”)” and the “put shoe on head” memes in order to prove that she was indeed sincere. They also asked her to hold a dark colored shoe in her right hand. Jameson satisfied all requests.

With the verification out of the way, /b/ got down to business.

The quickly tracked down the ex-assistant’s address, last four digits of his social security number, and his credit score.

Jameson was pleased. (To see all the uncensored and very NSFW photos she shared on /b/, visit this Imgur album.)

All of these /b/ interactions were verified by a man named Christian Feliz (@dirtmonst3r), who Jameson has tweeted about frequently.

Shot by my baby @dirtmonst3r

— Jenna Jameson (@jennajameson) December 13, 2013

Jameson can be seen in this Instagram photo wearing the same plaid shirt as she did Friday night.

Jameson, who appeared in more than 160 adult films, retired from pornography in 2008 to raise her children. Since then, Jameson has had some financial problems which forced her to sell her Hollywood Hills mansion in October. That same month a video of Jameson on “Good Day New York” went viral because, as Gawker put it, she was a “f**king disaster.” Jameson was on the morning show to promote her erotic novel Sugar.  In November, Jameson announced that she was returning to porn to feed her children.

Photos via Imgur