Former porn star Jenna Jameson goes on unhinged anti-Muslim rant, defends Milo Yiannopoulos

While it is very well known that Hollywood tends to skew left, it appears that the San Fernando Valley is alt-right.

Yesterday, Jenna Jameson, a porn star famous for her work in the 1990s, went on a Twitter tirade that touched all the talking points of the alt-right, the online conservative group with white nationalist ties.

Many of the tweets she quoted have been deleted, but we will try to piece it together for you.

Jameson began by retweeting the standard alt-right line about Lena Dunham being a child abuser, in reference to Milo Yiannopoulos getting his book deal pulled.

Then she started hating on Mark Ruffalo, which, come on. Who hates Mark Ruffalo?

That followed a dive into this week’s argument about Sweden accepting Muslim refugees.

When people tried to ask her about Christian terrorists, she shot that down.

And dropped the Ted Cruz argument that the Democrats are to blame for the KKK.

She then went in on Keith Ellison.

Who then blocked her, which she said made him an anti-Semite.

Jameson, who is Jewish, also bashed Islam as a whole.

When pressed about other religions committing violent crimes, she basically called those false flags.

And then continued on against Islam.

She also went the Trump “FAKE NEWS” route as publications started covering her tweets.

Anyway, thus concludes today’s edition of “here’s what porn stars of the past think about today’s political climate.” Check back tomorrow when we round-up Nina Hartley’s tweets on charter schools.