Pornhub just released a very raunchy card game with Cyanide & Happiness

Joking Hazard took the world by storm the day it was backed on Kickstarter. Since then, the very NSFW card game has only risen in popularity. But the people of Pornhub thought they could help make the party game even better by nailing even more sexual innuendos into the deck. And guess what? The creators behind the original Joking Hazard game, Cyanide & Happiness, agreed.

That’s how Stroking Hazard was born. The expansion pack includes 50 new cards for you to add to your original Joking Hazard game to make playing even hotter! It allows you to game longer–four hours to be exact (any longer and you should probably call your doctor). But before you even ask, the same rules still apply: Players choose cards to complete a three-panel comic from a deck with millions of possible combinations. One player is considered a judge and everyone else puts their favorite panel for the final part of the comic. The judge ultimately chooses their favorite and that person is the winner.

joking hazard

And since Stroking Hazard was a collaborative deal between porn experts and comedians, expect to laugh hard. I mean, have you read the comments section of Pornhub or perused the company’s Twitter? It’s absolutely hysterical, so this collab is basically a match made in heaven (or hell, which is probably where you’re going for playing it).

Stroking Hazard is available exclusively online for $10.

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