Blonde on blonde: 5 safe-for-work questions for Pornhub’s Twitter matron

If you tweeted “two hands up if you’re horny” from your company’s Twitter feed, you would probably land in the unemployment line.

For Jordan, your friendly “Pornhub Chick” and curator of @Pornhub, however, that’s one of the tamer things she’s shared.

Tweeting for a porn site is exactly what you think it would be like. Jordan spends much of her day sharing asinine tweets, linking to NSFW videos, and interacting with Pornhub’s biggest fans—all 115,000 of them.

But after scrolling through her tweets, you realize that Jordan is probably the hardest working woman in porn. Her interactions with users are always perky and enthusiastic, even with the creeps. She tweets seven days a week (seemingly every hour of every day), and most importantly, she loves porn.

Daily Dot: How did you get the job?

“I’ve always been attracted to the adult industry, however never had the balls to become a model myself. I thought my interest and enthusiasm would be a great asset to a porn company, so when I saw an opening, I immediately went for it.”

DD: What is your typical day like on Twitter?

“A typical day in the life never really ends. I usually spend my mornings seeing what’s new on Pornhub; when I see something that I find particularly interesting I’ll tweet it. I spend a lot of time on the Internet, and I love reading smut blogs as well. Peeperz usually has a lot of interesting stuff that I like to share with my followers. One of my favorite things to do however is to interact with followers, get their opinions on things or just hear what they have to say cause some of their replies are hilarious and crack me up, and sometimes give me ideas.”

DD: How do you decide what to tweet? Do you have guidelines?

“I like to invent hashtags and themes that my followers can interact with, for instance #TittyTuesday. I find working within a theme allows me to streamline my thoughts and have a clearer day-to-day plan. Hashtags are a lot of fun too, since it’s seeing something I wrote/invented being used by everyone.”

DD: What kind of people interact or retweet you?

“[The] response really depends on the tweet I’m sending. I’ve noticed that men are more likely to retweet/share the video links I choose, but women are just as quick as men when it comes to reacting to something I say. Traditionally speaking, people would assume that men would be more interactive; however, being a woman with this position I think has really opened up the lines of communication to where it’s not as taboo for a woman to want to share what I have to say.”

DD: Does your Twitter feed appeal to the casual porn enthusiast or more to porn “addicts” and people in the industry?

“I’d have to say that though there are a lot of die-hard porn fans that follow and interact with me on Twitter. However, I think my tweets are sometimes broad enough to appeal to the average Twitter user. I try to keep my tweets personable, so if that means tweeting about something completely unrelated to porn, like how much I love Rihanna for instance, then I will. I think it’s important for your followers to know that you are a real person with other interests than your domain. I like to think that there’s something for everyone on Pornhub!”

Photo via Pornhub