Sex-toy company makes Justin Bieber a big offer

This article contains sexually explicit material. 

Interest in Justin Bieber’s genitalia is at an all-time high after pictures of the teen star sunbathing naked on holiday in Bora Bora surfaced earlier this month. In an attempt to capitalize on the mania, a sex-toy company has offered Bieber $1 million if he’ll let them make a dildo from a model of his member.

Clone-A-Willy, a company that sells kits for people to “make a vibrator molded from a real penis,” sent Bieber’s team an email laden with not-so-subtle references to Bieber’s “enormous stature” and said that an endorsement from him “would surely do wonders the help promote his new album.”

Although Bieber has said that he felt “super-violated” by the nude pictures, taken by paparazzi without his knowledge or consent, he also reportedly joked “that was shrinkage for me!” which may explain Clone-A-Willy’s decision to risk the offer.

Bieber’s junk also got an unlikely—and perhaps creepy—endorsement from none other than Jeremy Bieber, the singer’s father. The elder Bieber tweeted “What do you feed that thing  #proud daddy” when the pictures appeared online and later referred to his son’s “Bieberconda” as “a beaut.” He subsequently deleted his tweets.

Photo via Joe Bielawa/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)