‘Karen’ is so offended Target is selling vibrators that she publicly complains to chain

A woman who complained to Target over vibrators on display at its store became the butt of the joke when people realized she doesn’t quite understand how vibrators work.

Misty Soulard posted a photo to Target’s Facebook page, slamming the company for selling “Plus One” dual vibrating massagers and vibrating wands at her local store.

“Target sinks to a new low in it’s [sic] hatred of parents, children, families and anything appropriate,” she wrote, going from zero to 60 in a single sentence. “Front and center for little eyes to see. A vibrator that you can stick in BOTH holes. Because that is appropriate for little ones to see while shopping for vitamins.”

There is a LOT to examine in this short rant, but the first thing that sticks out is the fact that Misty, poor, poor Misty, apparently thinks that a rabbit vibe is a “both holes” sex toy.


Of course, sex is a normal part of life for most people, and the silhouettes of sex toys without explicit imagery or labeling on the boxes can—and often are—very easily explained away should inquisitive youngsters ask about them. “Just tell them it’s a cactus and a microphone if they ask,” one user suggested.

And some people felt it was worth pointing out that, while Misty claims to have been shopping for vitamins, it’s clear from the photo that she was, at the very least, lingering in a section dedicated to lube, likely condoms, and, well, sex toys.


Regardless of the reasoning, Misty inadvertently provided the laughter Twitter apparently needed this weekend.

The bottom line is that if you take your kids out into the world, they’re going to see all sorts of things, and it’s the parents’ responsibility to figure out how to explain those things or put them off until the time is right.

But accusing Target of hating families for selling sexual wellness items is quite the leap. Maybe it’s time for Misty’s own mother to sit her down and have chat about how families are often made.