Kim Kardashian greets the day with a nude selfie

This article contains sexually explicit material and may be unsafe for work.

Kim Kardashian is attempting to break the Internet once again, just over three months after welcoming her son Saint.

Kardashian posted her latest selfie early this morning (although the photo may be from earlier) revealing that she has the same problem as many of us: She has no idea what she wants to wear, and she’ll stare at the mirror until she figures it out.

She shared the photo with Twitter and Instagram, editing it to conform to Instagram’s inconsistent community guidelines on nudity by placing two bars across her body.

Kardashian has long been the subject of scrutiny from fans, critics, and tabloid magazines, whether it’s her Paper magazine photoshoot that broke the Internet (and the think pieces that followed it), cropping her daughter North out of a photo, or the endless comments about her weight throughout both pregnancies. It was her pregnancy with Saint that led her to respond to critics who accused her of faking her pregnancy with a nude selfie.

But today? She’s simply feeling her look.

Update 6:32pm CT, March 7: Kardashian confirmed that it’s an old photo via Twitter.

Photo via Eva Rinaldi/Flickr (CC BY SA 2.0)