is a gay porn site that lives up to its name

Looking for something a little rough? For two decades, the folks behind the gay porn site Kink have been serving up aggressive, raunchy, high-impact porn. Their performers are unafraid to draw squeals of pain, their sets have unmistakable grime, and their directors reach far deeper into the fetish community than more vanilla sites like Sean Cody. But is worth the cost? We broke it down.

What does a membership cost?

Kink gay porn site - straight stud

Kink cost:

Kink Men doesn’t make you buy a subscription before checking out the offerings. You can sign up for free and start your perusal of their extensive listings, from the bound flogging of Interrogation 431 to the tied-up teasing of Over the Edge. You can watch trailers, browse categories, look up models, and get a feel for the site without spending a dime.

When you’re ready to splurge, you could start with a month-to-month plan that runs $34.99 per month. Subscribe for three months, and the cost goes down to around $25 per month; $20 per month for six months; and $13 per month for a year.

That’s competitive with other gay porn sites and grants you access to a lengthy library of high-quality content that might be hard to find elsewhere. membership benefits

1) Fetish videos done right

You can tell when a director and performers aren’t really into a particular fetish, but videos are clearly made by perverts for perverts. The guys experiencing CBT look like they’re actually aroused, and the bootlickers look legitimately hungry. What’s more, the various categories are enjoyably vast. The wrestling section of the site, for example, has over 300 scenes to choose from.

On top of the verisimilitude, the production quality is high. The lighting is clear without looking like a department store; the audio isn’t full of distracting echoes. The videos are high-resolution, and they play immediately without serving any esoteric error messages.

From subject matter to technical performance, nothing stands between you and your porn.

Kink gay porn site - mikey tied up

2) Lots of channels separates its offerings into “channels,” which are basically like little mini-studios. The titles tell you pretty much all you need to know about them. Bound Gods features muscle men in bondage, Naked Kombat involves a lot of sweaty grappling, and Butt Machine Boys is mostly cooking videos. Just kidding! It’s men putting stuff in their butts.

What’s nice about these channels is that they include some slightly more adventurous kinks. The Gentlemen’s Closet channel is “a playground for foot fetish lovers and men in pantyhose.” That’s slightly more niche than, say, the Bound in Public channel, so it’s nice to see giving dudes in pantyhose equal billing.

There’s also the very fun Alternadudes channel, which departs from the “boy next door” trope with “punk, rocker, goth and emo boys.” Although that description feels somewhat dated, the videos straddle an interesting line between’s usually polished look and a more amateur vibe. Plus, the performers look like they’re having such a fun time being raunchy young dirtbags that it’s hard not to want to join in the fun before buying them tickets to see Fall Out Boy—or whatever the youngsters are listening to these days—and ordering them off your lawn.

There’s also a channel called “Str8Hell,” which is fitting because spending time with straight people is my idea of hell.

3) Your very own porn library

More than some other sites, makes it super easy to bookmark your favorite stuff. You can cleanly save your favorite scenes, directors, models, channels, and categories, so they’ll be waiting for you the next time you want to get off.

In addition, the site does a pretty good job of suggesting related videos. If you watch Dante Colle’s New Worshipper, for example, you’ll be prompted to check out Mikey Tied Up and Worshipped. It’s very easy to fall into a comfortable cycle of watching one video after another, discovering new scenes, directors, and models to add to your “My Kink” library.

It’s not quite a substitute for the firehose of carefully-curated smut that Tumblr used to provide, but it’s as close an approximation with as pleasant an interface as anyone could hope for.

Is a membership worth it?

Kink gay porn site - favorite models

To be clear, isn’t without some down sides. As is usually the case on these sites, there isn’t much representation of diverse body types; the models are all generally lean, with few chubby performers and no visible disabilities. There are more people of color than you might find elsewhere, but the casting still leans white.

In addition, only accepts major credit cards for payment. That may be a problem if you want to keep your finances separate and secure by paying with gift cards or cryptocurrency like other sites allow.

On the flip side, you get a lot more bang for your buck on than on many other porn sites. The subject matter is aggressive, filthy, and hardcore, but the design of the site is user-friendly, streamlined, and uncomplicated. It’s high-friction content with a low-friction user experience.

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