This revolutionary device promises to help you last longer in bed

“How can I last longer in bed naturally?” This is the question that never had a straight answer. Until now, anyway. MYHIXEL is the sex toy for people with penises that promises to help you improve your climax control.

But before I describe how it works, let’s get to myth-busting some sexual stereotypes concerning the time it takes to get off.

Climax doesn’t mean sex is over, so why does how long you last matter?

The short answer is how long you last in bed doesn’t actually matter. Your confidence, communication skills, and ability to reciprocate intimacy does matter, though. Which is where things get tricky. If you’re pre-emptively focused on climax control, your confidence and communication skills are taking a huge blow. But this isn’t completely your fault and it’s important that you recognize that. The onus should really be on society’s lack of comprehensive sex education and its warped view of sex.

We’ve all watched that one scene in any rom-com where the couple gazes into each other’s eyes or kisses in the rain, and suddenly their passion is so intense that once they get home, they’re bursting through the front doors in each other’s arms trying to undress in a frenzy. While sex is a passionate and exciting experience, Hollywood has to make it more. Pop culture is quick to portray sex as this magical act that lasts for hours and always ends with an orgasm. However, the reality is that for most people it’s not that easy––or even what they want!

According to a 2005 survey, “Vaginal intercourse lasts a median of 5.4 minutes before the [cis]man ejaculates. Whereas the average [cis]woman takes 13.41 minutes to reach orgasm during sex with men and requires activities other than just penis-in-vagina intercourse.” This huge duration discrepancy isn’t something to be ashamed of. It’s actually fairly common for penile ejaculation to occur well before the five-minute mark, as premature ejaculation affects approximately 1 of every 3 people with penises. Its causes vary from mental health factors, medication side effects, and medical conditions that can only be determined by a doctor.

Premature ejaculation shouldn’t be embarrassing, but it shouldn’t be selfish either. Your partner’s needs matter just as much as yours, so by only entertaining activity that either promotes or retains your ejaculation, you’re essentially masturbating with another body. And not in the hot “let’s watch each other masturbate!” sense. Mutual masturbation is not the same as using your partner’s physique to pleasure yourself. Undiagnosed sexual dysfunction may be one of the largest contributing factors to the orgasm gap between heterosexual couples. And that’s the problem. It’s not that you cum too fast, it’s that you disregard your partner’s pleasure after you finish. Sex doesn’t end because one person came, sex ends when everyone decides it’s time to tap out.

So how do we solve the issues presented by penile sexual dysfunction? Well, the answer is sort of two-fold. We must teach good sex etiquette, while also providing people with healthy solutions for lasting longer in bed without shaming them (or their partners).

Why “natural” supplements aren’t the answer for improved sexual performance

last longer in bed

You can forget about those “natural viagra for men” supplements you see floating around. Not only are most of these claims baseless, but, studies have actually shown some of them to be seriously harmful. I’m not talking about aphrodisiacs, either. So don’t get them mixed up with sexually enhancing drugs. Chocolate and wine won’t help you last longer in bed, but they may put you in the mood.

What you should avoid are over-the-counter supplements that advertise DHEA (short for dehydroepiandrosterone, an adrenal hormone) to improve your sexual performance. L-arginine and yohimbine are two of the most well-known DHEAs, but they’re also some of the most dangerous. Studies have determined some of the risks associated with the misuse of DHEA include high blood pressure, headaches, agitation, insomnia, sweating, heart disease, and in some cases, even death.

While low DHEA levels in men are associated with a higher risk of sexual dysfunction, it is not something you can regulate on your own. If you think you may be suffering from low DHEA, please consult a physician for a professional recommendation and proper monitoring. Don’t attempt to self-medicate with supplements. Not only can they be dangerous, but supplements don’t require FDA approval. Meaning, what’s in those bottles is up for debate (as are their dosages).

How to last longer in bed naturally

Frankly, good sex etiquette=good sex. It’s practically science! A big part of having good manners in bed comes down to understanding that sex doesn’t have to end just because someone came and proper communication. I’m not talking about being forward enough to ask “did you cum?” because as the incredible Megan Thee Stallion so eloquently said, “You know I ain’t cum boy if you had to ask me.” So when I suggest you communicate with your partner I mean before, during, and after sex. Ask them what they like, how they like it, and what it is they want. It might seem un-sexy to pester your partner about their sexual fantasies, but it’s actually quite the opposite. Opening up to the idea of this conversation is definitely the hardest part, but it’s well worth it!

Sharing your turn-ons and offs with your partner is one exercise that is proven to help you last longer during sex. Many times, sexual dysfunction in men can be traced back to a lack of communication between partners. Not knowing what your partner wants or if they like what you’re doing can lead to anxiety and premature ejaculation. This is the only time I will ever suggest you seek validation outside of yourself, so take that as a win.

Regular masturbation is also a proven method to help those struggling with premature ejaculation (PE). Masturbating one to two times per day will help you become more in tune with your body. Combining masturbation with mindfulness practices will help you identify that “point of no return.” Over time, practicing climax control will become second nature. Think of it as learning how to start-and-stop a car. Give yourself some gas and then begin to pump the brakes as you approach the cliff. Yes, I am suggesting that you need to learn how to “hold your load” if you will.

last longer in bed

The final piece of advice that answers how to last longer in bed for men is to discuss your concerns with your doctor. I know, this isn’t the answer you want. But in all seriousness, the root cause of your issues could be more than just a physical manifestation of anxiety. Which means you won’t necessarily be able to teach yourself climax control. Despite successful pigeonholing, disorders like PE and erectile dysfunction (ED) aren’t reserved for older populations. And while there are varying reports of how many people actually suffer from this condition (reports state anywhere from 33 percent to as much as 76.5 percent of men), experts everywhere agree that it is extremely common. Up until recently, treatments for PE, ED, and other disorders were limited to prescription pills, creams, and painful injections. But thanks to the little device known as MYHIXEL, things are changing!

What is MYHIXEL? And how does it work?

last longer in bed

Entrepreneurs and developers everywhere are realizing that there is a huge demand for new and innovative ways to address sexual dysfunction in young adults. Which is how MYHIXEL was born.

The designers behind the MYHIXEL recognized that penis-havers everywhere are in need of a device that helps them have better sex without complicated medical procedures. MYHIXEL is the first methodology of its kind to combine cognitive behavioral therapy, a male sex toy, and gamification to help men and all people with penises achieve greater climax control.

MYHIXEL uses therapeutic vibration and an auto-warming system to emulate the human body. It’s rechargeable, water-resistant, and completely body-safe. It will allow anyone to improve their climax control if they want to by pairing the device with the MYHIXEL Play app. The app is home to therapeutic practices disguised as a sci-fi game. It’s free to download on Google Play and the iOS store.

The online program guides you through a simulated “space trip” in the app as the player manipulates the device (and their junk) accordingly. As users navigate the MYHIXEL programs, they’ll be equipped with the skills necessary for lasting longer in bed. MYHIXEL teaches ejaculation control by using pelvic floor therapy techniques. The device allows users to understand their body’s reflexes by coaching them through the process. It will explain the two phases of penile sexual release (emission and ejaculation) and guide them to being in control. Once the user can identify the two phases, they’ll be well on their way to flexing and relaxing their PC muscle on their own terms.

When you get down to the nitty-gritty of it all, MYHIXEL is actually making revolutionary scientific methods for ejaculation control available to users without the sky-high medical bills.

last longer in bed

Developed in 2017 by Patricia López Trabajo, MYHIXEL has been making waves ever since. Trabajo designed it with the intention to close the gap in the sexual health market (which previously lacked holistic solutions that effectively tackle men’s sexual concerns). MYHIXEL and its accompanying programs successfully address one of the top sexual concerns among men: premature ejaculation. 

In clinical trials, participants who used the MYHIXEL program lasted an average of seven times longer during sexual intercourse. By combining the Class II FDA MYHIXEL device that uses state of the art technology to mimic the sensations of penetrative sex, and the appropriate program, penis-owners finally have a holistic way to take control of their sex lives. 


The company offers two different types of programs to suit the spectrum of sexual dysfunction. MYHIXEL MED and MYHIXEL TR use different practices to deliver different results.

The MYHIXEL MED program is for people with penises who ejaculate in under 90 seconds during sex. MYHIXEL states that “the MED activity program is specifically designed for men who consistently ejaculate under 3 minutes during sex. [When it] is used in tandem with MYHIXEL, the program has been shown to increase men’s sexual performance time.” Additionally, the MYHIXEL MED program also includes an online consultation with one of MYHIXEL’s sexology professionals. So you won’t have to go at it alone.

The MYHIXEL TR program is for people with penises who want to improve ejaculatory control during sex. MYHIXEL states that the TR program works “by using teaching specific motor skills” that improve the quality of sexual performance.

Where to buy the MYHIXEL

Currently, MYHIXEL is available for purchase through a few retailers. There’s the MYHIXEL site, Amazon, and of course, ever-trusty Lovehoney!

No matter where you buy the device, MYHIXEL prices remain the same. MYHIXEL TR is on sale for $209 (regularly $229) through Amazon and the MYHIXEL Site. The MYHIXEL MD is a bit more expensive, and the only version of the device that Lovehoney offers. It’s on sale through the MYHIXEL site and Amazon for $279 (regularly $299). Or you can grab it for full price ($299) over at Lovehoney.

Do I recommend the MYHIXEL?

If you’re suffering from sexual dysfunction and are tired of the trial-and-error of medications, MYHIXEL is a potential solution. It is safe, secure, and dedicated to keeping your user data private. Go on and throw away the “fast-acting” drugs, dangerous supplements, and forget relying on manual pumps. Instead, invest your time and money into a device that can help you achieve long-lasting control! 

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