LiveJasmin is a pricey cam site, but worth the spend

Standard pornography allows viewers to escape into another person’s fantasy for the duration of a scene. You can find porn that fits your needs, but making it yours is something only webcams can provide. Live cam sites allow users to tip real women to perform sex acts for them, from stripping to masturbation shows. At the top of the industry is LiveJasmin, a long-running source for some of the industry’s most beautiful models. Do they get by on their reputation, or is LiveJasmin still an innovator in the scene? Here’s everything you need to know before you sign up for LiveJasmin, from how much it costs, to where it’s excellent and where it can do better. 

Marissa Shay photo by LiveJasmin

What is LiveJasmin? 

Started in 2001, LiveJasmin has been hosting streaming cam shows for almost twenty years. Over time its evolved from a Hungarian site to an international powerhouse, featuring thousands of models from around the world. Users buy blocks of credits to tip the cam models found on the site. Performers will chat, strip, perform sex acts, and even go into private shows if you’re willing to pay for it. Models are sorted by type, from exclusive performers who only work on the site to couples to trans performers, with additional filters for kinks and sex acts. LiveJasmin makes it simple to customize your cam experience to your needs and interests.     

LiveJasmin cost 

New members can sign up for free, with the number of free LiveJasmin credits you get depending on how much you buy and a prize wheel. Upon signing up, users can spin a wheel offering between 20 and 100% bonus LiveJasmin credits depending on where you land. Expect to pay around $33.99 after your initial sign up for packs of credits. Prices for shows are set by the performers, so different models will charge different credit amounts for different kinds of sex acts. 

Jasmin Review

Jasmin benefits

1) An incredible amount of gorgeous and diverse models

LiveJasmin’s reputation and longevity have helped it become one of the biggest cam sites on earth. That naturally draws in a lot of talent, and LiveJasmin is overflowing with stunning cam models. Thanks to the site’s filters, users can quickly seek out any type of women they desire, taking out the guesswork and letting you get right to camming. 

2) Wide variety of shows

Whether you want a standard live show, a story, or private chat, LiveJasmin’s eclectic mix of options keep things interesting. The vast majority of the cams on the site are standard live shows, but users can browse the Show Type section of the site to make sure a niche show never falls through the cracks. 

3) HD streams

Not all cam sites allow users to stream in HD, but LiveJasmin does. Once you’ve cammed with a model acting out your fantasies in beautiful high definition, it will be hard to go back. Not all cams on LiveJasmin are HD, but we appreciate the option. Even standard-def cams are worth your time, though. 

livejamin porn review - win credits
Photo via LiveJasmin

4) A mix of vanilla and kink cams

LiveJasmin could only allow its hot standard cam shows on its platform, but thankfully it also has a fetish section. This is where you’ll find models exploring bondage, dirty talk, impact, and whatever other dirty (legal) fantasies you’re willing to pay for. 

5) Filters and navigation

All of these options would be useless if LiveJasmin didn’t have incredible search and filtering options. Navigating the site is a breeze, thanks to handy sidebar menus. Once you’re in the rooms finding the bonus content models offer, from free pictures to paid videos, is as simple as looking under the cam video. Getting around and seeing what you want on LiveJasmin is never a frustrating experience. 

LiveJasmin cons

1) Pricing of credits can be frustrating

LiveJasmin does a great job of making sure you end up with a ton of credits when you first sign up. The prize wheel is an incredible feature that makes you want to go back for more. But when you do, the pricing for credits is just a little unwieldy, making it frustrating to do the math when you want to buy some credits and keep going. Given the fluctuating prices models charge, you may find yourself buying credits often.  

livejasmin porn review - lris faux

2) Models only perform when people are tipping which can lead to dead rooms

Let’s be 100% clear; we’re not advocating for people to expect sex workers to work for free. However, LiveJasmin models take this to the extreme, offering very little interaction until someone is paying up. On other cam sites with less strict rules about how the models can interact for free you see fewer rooms where someone is just sitting there looking bored and beautiful. For this reason, it’s occasionally challenging to get an idea of what a model is like when you jump into her room without spending money. Given the sheer number of models on LiveJasmin, that can make the experience frustrating. 

Is LiveJasmin worth it?

LiveJasmin is an incredible site, provided you have the money to enjoy it truly. Credits can be a little expensive after your first purchase, and because models set their rates by the minute, running out of cash quickly is an issue. Of course, you’ll also be spending money because you’re having a good time. When you’re actually in a paying LiveJasmin show, the experience can be wondrous. Seeing a beautiful performer act out your fantasies live is an experience unlike any other in the world of adult entertainment. Especially in times of isolation. 

If you’re living life on a budget, other cam sites offer similar features to LiveJasmin that won’t tax your bank account as harshly. However, users who don’t mind paying a premium for high quality live cam action will find LiveJasmin to be a dreamland. Simple to learn navigation, a host of options, and a seemingly endless supply of enticing possibilities await you. LiveJasmin is worth every penny. Just be aware you’ll need a significant quantity of them to have fun.