Lust Reality is VR porn for fans of classic gonzo hardcore

VR porn naturally lends itself to narrative stories. After all, if you’re in the scene, you should know why. That doesn’t mean everyone wants a story, though. For those people, Lust Reality is a VR paradise. Rather than set up a plotline, Lust Reality jumps right to the sex. Some people didn’t read Playboy for the articles, some people don’t need a story in VR. Is Lust Reality right for you? Here’s everything you need to know to decide.

How much does Lust Reality cost? 

From a cost standpoint, Lust Reality is a steal. It has a ton of existing content and uploads four times per month. For that, you pay just $14.99 per month, less than the cost of a pizza. Users who subscribe for longer periods at a time get the biggest savings. Signing up for three months costs just $34.99 while a whole year is just $59.99. The site is obviously trying to build a loyal following. Lock in your price before it goes up.

What’s included with your Lust Reality membership? 

1) 230+ videos and counting with four updates each month

Lust Reality has a massive library of existing content to explore from the moment you sign up. There are over 230 scenes already on the site. Four new scenes are added each month, giving you 48 new scenes every year. Sex scenes average 35 minutes and masturbation scenes are usually 12 minutes long. You could just watch the legacy content and be happy for months.

2) Mix of hardcore sex scenes and solo scenarios, including jack-off instruction 

Lust Reality may not have complicated plots but that doesn’t mean all its content is the same. Scenes are broken up between traditional sex and solo masturbation scenes. This lets you see each performer in multiple scenarios while providing variety each week. You’ll also find special jack-off instruction videos throughout, a spicy bonus we didn’t expect to find.

lust reality - canela skin

3) Mostly unknown performers with hot new stars like Liya Silver

If you enjoy new talent Lust Reality will bring a smile to your face. The vast majority of its performers are newer to the world of porn. That means you’ll constantly be introduced to new faces. However, every now and then you’ll catch a rising star like Liya Silver. It’s a nice change of pace from other sites that feature mostly the same models as other companies.

4) Beautiful 6K picture and support for a wide range of VR devices 

Lust Reality’s videos are beautifully shot in 6K Ultra HD, with hundreds of videos available as 360° VR porn. But if your device doesn’t support 6K that’s alright. The site supports every major VR platform around from Oculus to iOS. Offering a wide range of file types and formats, users will never have to worry about a scene not working with their setup.

lust reality - mirror selfie

5) Large focus on heavily tattooed women

If you like tattooed performers this site is for you. While tattoos have become increasingly commonplace in porn, almost every other Lust Reality scene features some ink. From full body suits to tiny signatures, ink is everywhere. As fans of body art we think that’s a great thing.

What are the drawbacks of a Lust Reality membership? 

1) Lack of diversity 

Given how much this site does right, it’s a bummer to see the lack of diversity in Lust Reality’s casting. While you will occasionally find a Latina or light-skinned performer, the vast majority of the women featured are white. Beyond that, basically, everyone is skinny. This is gonzo sex. You don’t have to build a character, so why not just acknowledge how hot different types of bodies can be?

Is Lust Reality worth it? 

If you just like watching people have sex and don’t care why they’re doing it Lust Reality is a fresh of fresh air in VR. So many sites are focused on a narrative that there just isn’t much old fashioned “hit play and watch the banging” content out there. Add in a large existing library, four updates a month, and pricing that’s designed to draw you in and this is a no-brainer. Porn fans who love gonzo porn owe it to themselves to give Lust Reality at least a month’s trial run.